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So I had a 2GB data cell phone plan for two or three years now. I got a 10GB plan today. I didn’t really want that much but it was the most cost effective with my current provider. Anyway, I was wondering what the monthly cost for that would be around the Mudspike world today? (please convert to US currency) (oh ya, forgot to mention a Samsung A8 was included in my plan for $0)

I use Sprint. Unlimited data for two lines is $80. Comes out to like 110 after taxes and stuff. I have two Iphones 6 or 6s i forgot.


nevermind its $93 out the door. My phones are mine though, if you dont own the phones its like 20 bucks each as a lease.

I have no idea what you’re talking about right now. My deal was $57 with the A8 on a two year contract.

Also, it has been my experience that when dealing with cable/phone/internet providers, you should call and ■■■■■ about the rates once a year to get them lowered to the latest promotions. If you don’t do this, they will happily keep you grandfathered in to old higher rates. My cellphone bill was about 160 for 4gb and they were charging me overages. I called and got the new deal that I currently have. Same thing with internet providers. Save yourself some coin.


Yes … yes. :slight_smile:

Who do you use? $57 is a good deal.

I converted to US pesos.

Some Canadian outfit called Fido that you don’t want to hear about.

That’s my whole exercise here … I’m just puttin’ the feelers out! :slight_smile:

That’s the way to do it- wait until a manufacturer has a sale on unlocked phones, get a better deal, and plus you don’t owe the provider for a 2 year loan on your phone.

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11.70 dollars a month for 1GB or data and 100 minutes/texts. SIM only plan, I buy my own phones when I need them.

Locked phones are illegal in Canada now. They have to unlock them for free. You still get shived on the contract though so it takes two years before you benefit.

I pay $60 cad for 10gb.

@fearlessfrog new project… Currency converter bot

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Seems like you guys have pretty decent rates in canada, thats about $45 US. I pay $40 per line, so its about the same. 10Gb is plenty in my opinion, I have unlimited but dont even get close to 10gb combined on two lines (wife).

In Italy a new service provider has arrived, Iliad.

For 6€ month forever you get unlimited Phone calls, unlimited SMSs and 30 GB of monthly traffic in 4G+.
All of this is valid, with no extra charges, across all Europe.
There’s no phone included but number portability can be done for free.


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We don’t have good rates at all. Mine is a promo rate.

Sorry for the necro post (I’ve been ill) but this is a really good idea @fearlessfrog … is it doable?

BTW, since service providers are a bunch of snakes, I finally got my rate down to $55cad (about $41us) for the 5GB plan. The trick is you don’t tell them what you know. You call in and act stupid and they’ll give you the best rate LOL!

Bottom line, my wife and I have two really nice Samsung A8 phones on a two year contract with 5GB each for $110cad per month.

Hope you feel better @Linebacker

Not sure - I’ll take a look. All possible, with a currency lookup etc, but the only downside I can think of is that the conversion values will age badly, as in we’ll look back and wonder how at the time the rate baked into the post for display by the bot was so good/bad (delete as applic.). Also, unlike time zones for the other bot, the browser doesn’t give much of a clue what would be a good default currency, so people would have to pick it manually (which means storing it somewhere etc). I’ll have a good think and add if easy.

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