Best Gaming PC Builder?

Looks like a lot of you guys are hardcore DIY PC builders.

But, at my current level of crotchetyness I’m really only one jumper setting or BIOS error away from a multi-state chainsaw spree. As such, I was considering a pre-built.

Reading various reviews online, the story seems to be the same. Sales support measured in microseconds, Tech support measured in eons. Of course that’s only an issue if something goes wrong.

So, any recommendations from the usual suspects? Any company really blow you away with their after sales support? Alternately, any company make you actively consider switching to Voodoo, just for the dolls?

Hey Deacon, long time no see. Hope you’re doing good.

The issue right now for virtually all retailers is supply. The latest AMD and Nvidia stuff is practically untraceable. If you find a seller that looks atleast somewhat reputable and actually has something in stock or even if you spot a very decent prebuilt it might be worth going for in these times. Guess a lot more peeps picked up hobbies like ours since the pandemic.

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Hey Syran!

Good to see you as well. Thanks for the info.

Interestingly, most of the makers I’ve checked out seem to offer i9s and 3090/24s. And build times don’t seem excessively long.

Alienware seems to have both, with 1000w of power and the only ones that offer 128GB of RAM.

Of course what the website says and when it shows up to my door are two different things. :grin:

I like to support my local PC shops because I like to pick up the completed PC myself and the after sales service is great, especially if you strike up a conversation with the proprietor. I just seek out the best shop within about a 60km radius of where I live.

That however isn’t feasible right now because of what @Sryan mentioned so I guess you have no choice but to have your expensive new PC kicked around by UPS like a soccer ball. :smiley:


Ha! Ain’t that the truth.

My Falcon NW of years past looked like it could survive a reentry…and it looked like that’s how it had been delivered to me. :joy:

I have been tempted to find a local shop. Last time I had very little success in finding one where I previously lived.

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Then I’d say go for it! On my end of the pond, everything 3000 series is still out of stock. I did check alienware as you mentioned and they claim they can deliver within 50 working days. Just make sure you’re not the victim of a scalper, please.

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Hi Deacon
I did some gaming rigs myself and have the same attitude. I just ordered from Digital Storm on the 10 th. First time ordering a custom gaming pc. They are updating the progress in 7 stages and I am in stage three which has all components (I ordered the 3080 gpu) and are assembling it right now.

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I will say…at the risk of jinxing myself - I had a very good experience with CyberPower PC (via Best Buy) this Christmas. I bought both of my boys one of these prebuilts:

They were packaged quite nicely - and did not seem to have any damage and have been running fine for the past month. The only issue I saw on one of them was a cable tie that was just barely touching one of the RTX3070 fans…which was causing a noise…just required moving it slightly. Other than that - they have been great (so far!).

With that said - you can read some nightmare stories about CyberPower too…so maybe I got lucky, or maybe MOST people are happy but there are some loud complaints out there.

I’m running a DS right now and it’s been a good computer for me.

My only hesitation with getting DS again is that, while they have very savvy tech support, you are going to wait several days to speak with one.

Falcon NW is the same. It’s a toss up between timely but maybe meh support and pretty awesome support…from like three guys. :joy:

I read you’re experience with them. I’ve been tempted I must admit.

Honestly, there’s scarcely a computer company that gets over 2.5 stars. On one hand it’s usually the dissatisfied people complaining. On the other, I’d be a bit cheesed as well if I just never received a response, or my return period expired while waiting for a part or return authorization.

Now I gotta go and yell at some kids to get off my lawn!

I think (and I don’t know if this is true) that if the CyberPower PC gives you fits you can just drive it down to your local Best Buy and return it. I wouldn’t take that as the gospel truth…but if that is the case…that would be a pretty nice feature as long as it fails in the return period.

I was wondering about that.

That’d be a pretty nice feature!

Yeah…but definitely call and verify that they would accept a return locally before you try to go that route.

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I’m actually surprised nobody has suggested build-it-yourself, just as a viable (and usually much cheaper) alternative.


Fundamentally I’m fairly sure I could snap it all together.

It’s the fiddling and configuring and BIOS setting and all that jazz I don’t feel like dealing with.

Plus if the 3080/3090 market is being cornered by the PC builders, then sourcing might be the big obstacle.


I have an HP Omen that I’m pretty impressed with.

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I think with the lack of availability of the 3000 series cards…and their inflated prices, you are probably going to approach the same price for prebuilt vs. building at this particular moment in time - plus the parts availability for the prebuilts might be a bit better.


I have built several pc’s and like Deacon, I just don’t want to deal with the BIOs updating etc. The prices are very close to self build too, but with a warranty. If you self build you are on your own if you do something other then what the components are designed for, mainly overclocking Finding and matching all the components are quite a challenge too…
Oh and the cost of 3080 is half the price of the pc I am buying, and it was in stock!