Best router for Fibre Broadband

Well as some of you know I have a new house and my broadband will activate on the 22nd of this month. I have never had fibre before but am getting a 38Mb line which is 10x faster than my current ISP provides.
I used to use Netgear routers but am out of the loop now with new technology and I always worry about using the ISP provided routers as they generally have there own software and bloatware

Any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

AFAIK the entry level router has now GByte capacity so… dunno. Make sure there’s GGB written somewhere. :slight_smile:

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I have a Linksys WRT320ACM with custom firmware from the OpenWRT Project.

Really happy with the performance of the router even with the stock firmware.

(If this sounds like I am some sort of ‘advanced operator’ or know what I am doing, that is incorrect :slight_smile:)

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If your ISP is handing you Ethernet, then my preference would be to have router/firewall with enough UTM throughput to handle Gbps speed. The only ones that I can find that have enterprise performance with consumer pricing is the Ubiguiti EdgeRouters. I just ordered an ER4.


What i have. Works well. Bought it because isp provided router did not throw out a vertical signal.

Gives off 5g signal aswell.

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A new isp for me this morning.
1 Gb fibre to the premises. They are drilling holes in the wall as we speak or as I type. I am keen to see how much download speed I get with steam and DCS. Both max out at 5.5Mb/s at the minute

I love my Asus router, an old, now EOL, RT-AC3200. It has been dependable as can be, and I am looking to upgrade to the next overkill-router they offer, the GT-AX11000.

Asus includes a mesh function in the newer models so you can buy a mesh system or a “big” router and a secondary “small” one and link them together.

Mine has supported a peak of over 800Mbps down, which is well above the 500Mbps that we pay for (iirc it was 500, definitely not more than that).

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So how is the new 1 Gb Fibre @Cib?

It’s going well, it’s one of those things once it’s up and running you tend to forget about it. Until the service goes down :blush: super speeds though. IIRC it took an hour to get cyberpunk 2077

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