Bike ID

@BeachAV8R or @whareagle

Need help identifying this bicycle. Got it from my in-laws. Says voyageur 2 on the frame. My wife swears it’s a women’s bike, I’m not so sure.

My biggest concern is this:

Will riding it cause me to develop breasts?

It’s basically brand new.

The geometry definitely looks like a womens bike, my 2 cents.


It is a man’s bike. Notice how the women’s bikes don’t have an upper cross bar or it is really curved.



Yeah. Looks like a mens just with an up-right posture - more of an accepted style in Europe where ever bike isn’t meant to crush the artery running between your legs (no, not that ‘artery’ … a real artery :slight_smile: ). I think that it is an older model with the cantilever brakes. Looks to be in top shape. Looks like a great bike for those into recreational biking. Riding it will not cause you to develop breasts :slight_smile:


Just change the handle bar to a straight one and nobody will ever question it again. Also your wrists will hurt after 2 minutes.

If you do that, please send me the old, curved handle bar. Need it for a friend. :slight_smile:


Yeah it is somewhat hard to get curved bars like that in the Americas. A bike like that tends to be used for commuting. I keep trying to find bars for my bike that hook back a little more than they currently do to remove some wrist pain :slight_smile:

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Dang it.

Of course it WASN’T a motorcycle thread. But as an observation handlebar comfort has seen a resurgence here in the US- what with the domination of ADV or naked type motorcycles and their relatively “upright” seating positions as opposed to cruiser or sport type bikes. Can’t use ape-hanger bars on a Scrambler or GS.


Dudes really?

I’m as manly a man as can be, beard, strong, former MMA fighter. I ride a “woman’s” bike every day. Curved handlebars and low frame. No it doesn’t make me look or feel like a pussycat, it’s just practical.

Curved handlebars are way more comfortable than those dumb broad straight ones on mountain bikes. Those are only better when you are downhilling rough terrain, not everyday traffic.

A low instep is very important, as s you do not roundhouse kick the kid offthe rear seat not do you land your family jewelry forcibly on a piece of metal if some Fokker decides to swing open his car door without looking and you need to cease all forward motion Pronto.

To conclude @Gunnyhighway, that looks like a fine bike.