Black shark 1 is required?

Hi all
I’m getting this message when I’m trying to install BS 2. I purchased BS1 a long time ago. How do I get BS2 going again?

Thanks all

How are you trying to install it?

Shouldn’t you just activate the Key in the main menu of DCS World?

Yes. I go to modules in DCS 2.5 and I try to activate. But I get this msg…

Oh, sorry. :frowning:
Did you buy the BS2 or just the upgrade?

Did you try contacting ED Support?

Sounds like you maybe have the BS2 upgrade version which requires BS1 to be installed. BS1 requires FC2 to be installed IIRC, which requires LockOn to be installed. Which sucks.

Here’s what I did:

  • Buy BS2 full version
  • install that
  • don’t install BS2 upgrade version, even though DCSW asks me. It sucks.

Aginor nailed it. Thank you all for the help. I will go purchase BS2. This sucks. I spent 70 USD so far and now I gotta buy it??? Oh well. It’s cheaper than going out…

Thank you all

Check fire! Check fire! Contact DCS customer support and ask them to transmute your bs1 and upgrade to a regular bs2 key. They will.


Yikes. Reminds me of this one time I gave a mouse a cookie…

I have BS1 via Steam, and I only had to reinstall that, with nothing else to get the upgrade to work. I’m wondering if I can get that transmuted as well…


Thanks Syran I never knew about that, Its been a while since I had any issues but it was a PITA when it occured

Did my post get to you in time or did you [strikethrough]waste[/strikethrough] sponsor DCS for 30 bucks?

edit: this just showed up on the DCS forum: