Black shark... Refresh my memory

Wasn’t it mentioned that the black shark may be receiving updated cockpit textures?


They are still working on it…

…as you can see, they are making progress. :sunglasses:


some time in 2019 yeah

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Baby shark dodododododo


No. No. No. I have a 2 Yr old and this has been on a constant loop in my house for over a year. Lol


Um…so its a Baby Shark now? Not Baby Beluga? Again, I’m showing my age.

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Lol to the baby shark. Its one of those things that sticks with you.

@Hangar200. That cockpit resembles something else…

Anyhoo, getting the shark bug again.

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I’d post a link to baby shark but the pain is still too real.

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What about the metal version?

Gotten old, started out ok and then about half way through the headache started…


Who is making this, and for what!?

No idea. It was just a image that popped up on a google search.

Here ya go. There’s a Reddit thread about this.

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Well I thought @Hangar200 you were joking with me. Maybe it was a Freudian Slip?

Unless the ruskies love what I love and stuck it in a helicopter then that cockpit looks remarkably like and F111

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Yes…I was…:slightly_smiling_face:

Rippa mate !


Went there once…port visit Freemantel…they didn’t like the way us Yanks said “Australia”… said it should be “A’stralia”…they were quite insistent

We replied that if they had revolted from the UK-instead of being kicked out as common criminals-they could pronounce it any way they choose…they didn’t like that…nope, not one bit…just say’n…throw another shrimp on the barbie. :wink: