Bombing and Gunnery Competition - Nov 2015

I have a competition running this weekend if anybody wants a quick diversion. Here is an overview:

The rules and mission files are available here: Bombing and Gunnery Competition - Nov 2015 - Tournaments & Events - ED Forums

I’ll post updates as soon as the entries start coming in and should have results up by the middle of next week.



For the record, I like the ‘Turkey Shoot’ in the title :wink:

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lol, thanks man. I guess I overestimated the average person’s ability to distinguish between homonyms!

I had never woken up to torches and pitchforks in my inbox before. I feel like I just completed a rite of passage. :smile:

A little community anger keeps you humble :smile:

Sith ! You killed me right there XD

@bunyap2w1 great video ! as always … now i should go practice :stuck_out_tongue:

One day to go.