BOS updated 1.101 (With I-16 and BOM early access)

Version 1.101

Dear pilots!

Today we’re not only deploying the major update 1.101 but also we’re
starting the long-awaited early access to IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of
Moscow! This is an important step in the project’s development, and
we’re proud that together with the testers we managed to release this
new version in schedule, without any delay.

Everyone who’s pre-ordered (or will pre-order) Premium edition of BOM
gets access to the first game’s plane - I-16 type 24. The release plan
for 4 more aircraft is as follows:

August - MC.202 Series VIII

September - P-40 E-1

October - Bf 109 E-7

November - Bf 110 E-2

Owners of Standard edition pre-order will get access to the early game builds of BOM later in October 2015.

Complete change log to v.1.101:

  1. I-16 fighter is now available to pilots who preordered Battle of
    Moscow. Players who don’t have it will be able to fight with it;

  2. HDR can be turned off;

  3. SSAO can be turned off;

  4. Terrain Texture Draw distance can now be increased with a dedicated setting option;

  5. New Choose plane screen added to Quick Mission builder;

  6. F11 free camera is now available;

  7. Your plane’s camera should be shaking because of explosions nearby in external view with Cinematic Camera turned on;

  8. Improved sun visuals on dusk and dawn;

  9. More precise (realistic) calculation of the earth’s curvature;

  10. Max number of players per server increased to 64;

  11. An automated chat warning about insufficient server performance capabilities added;

  12. Variations of bomb aerodynamics added for more realistic bomb spread;

  13. Bombs can now ricochet if dropped at a low angle;

  14. Snap view settings can now be reset with the Reset user settings option;

  15. Bombing tips added to the bombsight mode, press “?” to show them;

  16. Ammo counter for the hand signal pistol added to GUI;

  17. The following rules are now applied to server names:
    first 3 letters of the name must be latin;first 3 letters cannot be a single letter repeated 3 times;names that include text from the config file are prohibited;names that consist of latin letters, numbers, spaces and ( ) - / . , : = only are allowed;a letter cannot be repeated more than 3 times in a row (aaa - okay, aaaa - not okay);names can be not longer than 128 symbols;symbols (not letters or numbers) can be repeated 2 times in a row max (== - okay, === - not okay)

  18. Added cameras attachable to objects:
    call in the currently selected object - LAlt + F2;customisable configs are available here: <game_folder>\data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\fixcameras

  19. Watching game recordings should no longer cause game crashes;

  20. Abrupt lightning changes at sunset time were fixed;

  21. The issue with the camera jumping to a map corner instead of showing the player’s plane when crashed was fixed;

  22. Wind correction setting for bombsights was changes. Now, when all
    settings are correct the target should not move in the sight when the
    wind is blowing;

  23. The issue with bomb falling through the ground with no explosion fixed;

  24. Heavy AA guns will be using contact fuses when shooting ground targets with HE rounds;

  25. Pilots gestures in MP fixed;

  26. Pilot’s heavy breathing should no longer be heard on the external cameras;

  27. Incorrect drag caused by bomb holders on Fw 190 was fixed (thanks to the report submitted by Ze_Hairy);

  28. Config files responsible for weather settings was changed (they are
    now divided adequately to different seasons. Missions that were made
    before this update must be reconfigured using the new weather config

  29. Airfield choice should no longer be instantly reset with a click on the map in Campaign;

  30. Server list will not shake when scrolling it;

  31. A rare issue with text lines in the list of scenarios only showing when under the mouse cursor was fixed;

  32. The issue with the Start button unavailable for some time after entering an MP match as a gunner was fixed;

  33. The gunner icon was fixed in MP;

  34. The distance controlling element of the He 111 bombsight was fixed (it doesn’t jump anymore);

  35. The bubble is moving smoother now in the Pe-2 bombsight;

  36. Spontaneous bomb release in Auto and Scope bombsight modes on He 11 fixed;

  37. The issue with NaN values shown on the dashboard right after a start in MP fixed;

  38. The bug with chat message colors in MP fixed;

  39. The 3d marker showing the center of an attack zone was fixed (swords instead of a yellow border);

  40. The exploit of avoiding navigation markers with a map on/off trick in MP was fixed;

  41. Resetting control settings should also reset inverted axis;

  42. Several bugs related to inverting axis (including those bound to mouse) were fixed;

  43. Scroll bars in the GUI are now working in a more traditional way.

  44. Pe-2 wings could appear randomly broken (fixed);

  45. Fw 190 additional guns status lamps are added to start and stop sequences (so they are turned off on parking);

  46. Fw 190 flight stick texture error fixed;

  47. Bf 109 F-4 и 109 G-2: Z-fighting on seat back and canopy fixed;

  48. Enemy AAA should no longer appear close to player airifield in quick missions.

1C Game Studios sure seems to have been busy! Gotta get my copy updated, see what it’s like.

They are. New none-winter map is coming so things are looking good. I just hope they would learn on prior mistakes and remove bloody stupid-silly unlocks. That infuriated about 70% of community.

I dont know, I dont care about the unlocks. I have standard edition and I am flying online without them. I dont think they are so important to me that they can make me furious or make me play that offline campaign :smile:

To me I like to fly mainly offline using QMB. So when things are not accessible to me, it makes me rather annoyed. For example skins are still locked unless you work on campaign silly points.

The campaign’s not that bad - the missions are generally pretty straightforward with enough challenge to them to make them interesting - but I agree that forcing folks to earn points to unlock skins and textures, even when playing offline, is a bit odd.

The game is still gorgeous, though. Hoping to see more AARs from folks with it. ahem