Breaking news... Sad news

Don’t shoot the messenger but it seems like Kobe Bryant died in his helicopter crash…
I’m looking for more confirmed news but TMZ is reporting it…

Unique way to knock LeBron’s achievement out of the headlines…

Several other outlets are running the story, and his WIki page is already updated too, so unfortunately it is not looking to be fake news.


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Updated… :sob:

Wow. What a horrible news story.

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Jesus. His oldest daughter, an up and coming star in her own right, was also onboard.

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Gotta respect one of the best, arguably the best, in my generation. Similar age. 4th all time points leader. 2020 HOF candidate. Always respected him even when he was beating up my Warriors team. He was always so clutch in close games.
RIP to the flight crew and all those onboard. Tragic. And as a pilot, it just hits home a little more.

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Back in the day (late 90’s) my brothers watched a lot of NBA - it was transmitted live here in Europe late at night. Sometimes I stayed up to watch some games with them. I fondly remember Kobe among such stars as Jordan, O’Neal, Rodman, Pippen, Divac, Malone and few others… sad news indeed.


I don’t even really know who Kobe Bryant was, (except hearing his name a few times so I know he was a good Basketball player) but nine lives lost, among them kids, is always a tragedy.


NTSB briefing.

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