Buccaneer by the BANA

Interesting news of a new DCS project featuring the Buccaneer!

Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the BANA Project, I am extremely pleased to publicly announce our first development module for DCS World: the Blackburn Buccaneer Mk2.

That’s a very good looking airframe…


Gotta say, I’m really digging all the air to ground love we’re on the verge of being given.

Q: How much does a pirate pay to get their ear pierced?
A: A buccaneer.


Buccaneer video! Woo!

I like how all those gauges on the top right of the instrument panel seem to be bolted on as an after-thought? It’s like the aircraft received a patch after release :slight_smile:


@Fridge You should see the cockpit of the latest step in the Tornado upgrades! :smile:

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So I’m assuming this is an FC3 type free aircraft? With perhaps plans for something beyond an EFM and maybe a clickable cockpit at some point? Sure looks beautiful…!


I’m definitely going to get that module! I would like to see the Jaguar too. And the Tornado. And the Phantom. And the Hunter. And the Lightning. And when those are done I wouldn’t say no to the Vulcan too :wink:


I’d be in for this for sure!

I live near RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland where Buccaneers flew from until they were retired, really miss the curvy lines of the Buccaneer, its sort of the Marilyn Monroe of Jets :slight_smile: I really do miss seeing them in our skies, on the retirement day I blagged my way onto the base and have some good pictures of that day, bit later the local scrap yard got the contract to crush the jets and recycle the metal, shame I know but not before me and my friend bought a Martin Baker ejection seat each for the princely sum of £15 each, amazing engineering and I was surprised to see the Pilot and Navigator seat were two subtly different designs.

The nearby garage owner went one better though, he bought a complete Buccaneer to park on his garage forecourt and it looks really nice all lit up at night.

Honestly would like to see the Buccaneer be a good DCS module, would be a day one pre-order for me, even FC3 would be fine.

A Tornado GR-4 DCS module would be fantastic Paul, still look back with fondness at the old Digital Integration Tornado DOS sim from 1993.

Did someone mention the T word? Last remaining fan site in the world is here: www.tornado2.com. The Tornado and Buccaneer worked hand in glove during the first Iraqi war. Cheers and thanks for the memories.