Bullseye Training

Having played flight sims for many years. I never really understood how bullseye calls relate to my position.

Is there any documentation or video that could help me understand it better?

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I have a pretty good video about it, but it is in German…

Ahhhhhh… this old one might work:

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Or you can ask for Bogey Dope and I think they give it to you in BRA.

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Bullseye is a very simple concept to deliver accurate enough coordinates of a bogey (or any flying item) via a pre-determined known point.
For example let’s say that you fly from Germany to Italy.
In the briefing they’ll tell you that the Bullseye is Wien.

When you’re up there they tell you that there’s a bogey at Bullseye (angle) and (distance).
So you know that from Wien coordinates you have to look at someone at (distance) miles in (angle) direction.
BAM Trick done!
Not the most precise but good enough for the fluid air to air combat.

The cool component is that the bullseye can be chosen different for each squadron (theoretically), it’s enough to give it a different name.
Also it could literally change every day so the enemy could never understand the reference point even if listening to the radio comms.


Learned something new today. :sunglasses:


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Reading Viper Pilot again, it’s interesting how Weasels use it to indicate SAM launches in the thick of battle. In other words, “SAM in the air, SA3, one o’clock!”, only helps aircraft in the transmitter’s element. But, “SAM launch, SA3, bullseye 10 north.”, helps everyone on the freq.