Buttkicker Gamer 2 anyone using it?

Used to have the original Buttkicker … long time ago, it worked OK, but for some reason or another I sold it after seeing the newer version and how much more refined it seemed … never got round to getting another one though, but considering one again, mainly to be used for Flight Simulation, don’t watch movies on my PC set up, but music sometimes with headphones.

My gaming seat has become a complex beast now with on chair HOTAS and side Mouse and Razor game keyboard pad “thingymajig gadjet” , all hooked up to an on-chair USB hub that means I can switch PC’s and still have same HOTAS/ mouse/gamepad set up on each with just one USB lead from the seats hub … I love it :slight_smile:

If I did add the Buttkicker 2, could easily cable tie its seat connecting cable with the seats USB hub one to make a sort of local one connect point to the seat.

But I guess, the Buttkicker rattling and shaking of chair might not be very good in FPS shooters like ARMA3 … with mouse pad on chair now especially, trying to aim with mouse pad shaking, LOL … have a look at my chair to see what I mean please …

It really has been a long time since I used my first gen Buttkicker, would like to hear from users of the V2 current version and any thoughts for my situation and choice of sims … Flight Sim and maybe a few driving/racing games … occasional use with music only.

Was there not something about voice in games triggering it too, or has V2 worked around that???

Its still quite expensive … and its not something talked about much any-more, hence my concern it would be a gimmick I’d try and dump again soon … even with the more modern V2 version.

I currently use two units, one attached to my chair, and the second is attached to the stand that I use to mount my HOTAS stick. I’m using an audio Y cable, plugged in to the 5.1 output (sub) on a Creative Labs (remember them?) AE-5, but I also plug it in to the 5.1 output on the built-in audio when used in conjunction with headphones when desired. I primarily use a 5.1 speaker setup for audio via the AE-5, and headphones for comms via on board audio. This separates in-game audio and comms (obviously), which in turn separates the voice chat from the Buttkicker, which eliminates the voice chat from activating the bass shakers. I’ll post pics as soon as I get home, it’s probably easier to explain visually.

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You have two Buttkickers, how does that work?

I’m daisy chaining em with a Y cable, so they receive the same signal from the 5.1 (sub) output. It’s not perfect, but I’ve carefully calibrated the amps, so it simulates a sort of quick and dirty haptic feedback on the stick, and a nice rumble under the seat. It’s another peripheral that you don’t think you need, til you forget to turn it on.


I had issues with the amp but the transducer is fine - if you can find a 2-ohm amp. I ended up wiring the 2-ohm with another 4-ohm (as 6 ohm’s total) and run it on a 4 ohm amp.

I can’t fly without this anymore.

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Please elaborate … so you need a better amp for a Buttkicker 2 and I need to swat up on ohms n stuff now?

LOL Guys, I need down to earth hints and reviews, not “ohm” techno jargon :slight_smile:

What Brennus has done looks real interesting though.

Gimmee a break :slight_smile:

OK, lets try this again, is a Buttkicker useful these days in modern sims? is it still likely to be useful in future sims like Microsofts new one?

I had a problem with the BK2 amp. Seems I wasn’t alone. Now, you can find a lot of others that haven’t had an issue. Not sure what else I can say on this - to say nothing would be irresponsible.

I’ve actually just finished a report on this very subject - @BeachAV8R is reviewing it and it may be out by next week.

Is it useful? In my opinion it is vital; I won’t fly without it. A motion platform would be the next level, if you have the space and funds for it. This, to me, is a cost-effective alternative.

Exactly what @Brennus said.


There’s software currently available (that I’ve yet to try.) that uses events directly linked to the simulation that will trigger the bass shakers, as opposed to using low frequencies on the audio output. This, in effect will link events such as stalls or mechanical movement (landing gear) to the output on the Buttkicker, which is a more accurate representation of haptic feedback than low frequency audio output. You’ll need 2 audio output devices for this to work, but it should increase the output accuracy substantially. It’s on my list of things to try, and there’s a demo version of the software if your interested.

SimShaker Sound Module

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Now another choice, butkicker or simshaker chair inlay?

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Schurem … I’ve been considering one of those too for a long time, many a time my finger was on the buy trigger, but there is a waiting list and the range of sims supported is not that great to be honest … maybe it does generic sim support too?, but official support looks limited to me.

Back to Buttkicker again though, a V2 version is on sale in UK Ebay just now, made the guy an offer last night but he’s not responded, looks like someone else made him an offer too, this auction expires any moment/minute/hour now … agh, its something I want that I don’t need as been advised here already, LOL.

I’ll go make one final offer :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to cover SimShaker stuff in the aforementioned article. Hopefully it will help but @BeachAV8R is still reviewing it. It should start a good conversation on this topic.

I’ve trimmed it down to about 18 pages, with a couple of diagrams. It should help


Yes, that would be interesting, folded and gave the guy his £220 asking price on Ebay, am really looking fwd to trying it.

Everything in the article applies to the BK2; the software mentioned has options for the Jetseat and seat/bass shaker devices (BK2 and ‘home-grown’ ones like I did and cover a bit in the article). You should get an idea for tweaking the settings too.

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Thanks JRoss, look fwd to trying this.

Its arrived, let the fun begin :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you do VR (I suspect this type of gear adds to the immersion) but, here’s an excerpt from the article up for review on how I went about tweaking my system (slightly more advanced - I have 2 transducers), if it helps. This assumes you are using SimShaker for Aviators:

"…Here’s an example of a quick sortie I flew in the Viper to tweak my Stall feeling…

From level flight at about 250 knots, I reduced throttle to idle, pitching the nose up to about 30-degrees. As the speed dropped off I held pitch to keep the nose up. At some point it started to shake, just a little, as it was trying to stall. You could see this, even in VR - the cockpit was visually starting to ‘shimmy’. I tweaked my Stall setting so that I would feel the effect at/near that moment. As it is maxed out (horn going off, visible shaking increased) I wanted to feel it as much as possible without any [perceived] clamping or rattling[5]. In my system, when it was really ‘mushing’ (below 100 knots) I felt a definite ‘thumping’ under my thighs (I have a slightly more advanced system, with 2 transducers of different sizes).

It’s an iterative process. My suggestion is to start out with all SSA settings at 50% (it defaults to this), turning off (un-checking) all but the effect you want to work on (you can do this while in flight).

Start with the big effects first, like G-Feel and Stall. These are universal/constants, if you will. As you play with these adjust your amp gain/volume too. Once you get that set note the gain on your amp and use that as your maximum reference. Then leave it there.

Then work through all the other settings. Yes, this will take some time. Darn it, another excuse to go sim flying…"

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Buttkicker gamer 2 arrived this morning, won it on Ebay, but damn, guy packed it as new in practically perfect condition, very sweet deal.

As with all second hand products, had to test it ASAP, guy had good feedback ETC, but you never know … it was cool.

All tested and working in a few songs, still to try some dedicated flight sim that is really the reason I bought this, but don’t see any problems at all, owned the early Buttkicker years ago and know what to expect with this units more refinement … very pleased with my ButtkickerGamer 2

Looking fwd to reading your article on this JRoss :mudspike:


Coincidentally, I just downloaded (and purchased) the SimShaker software for both DCS (Sound Module) and Il-2 (Wings), and I’m in the process of setting it up. I’m using a Logitech USB headset adapter, which I still had collecting dust in my closet of mystery PC parts, as a dedicated output controller for the BK2’s. I still need to tweak the settings, but it’s definitely an improvement in regards to the accuracy of haptic feedback.

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That chair looks like it has a bunch of fireworks strapped to it. Looks like a fun contraption!

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