Buy and sell Forum maybe

Just a thought, have a ton of FS hardware that I would like to sell or trade on to members here.

I know I can get more on Ebay … but it might be more satisfying to deal with friends on here too?

Lots of sites from all walks of life do this now, and so long as its done properly and with Paypal (who side with the buyer) too … reputation thing too, its as safe as can be?

Just a thought … I’m not here to rip anyone off, gave away my original Virpil grip to someone on here for free about a year ago.

Its all about Trust I suppose :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea… Members buy and sell stuff here anyway. Might as well put in one place. I’ll take it up with the rest.

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I saw you may have a surplus virpil base, and maybe a surplus pair of high end rudder pedals, yeah? I’d be interested in those…


This could be really good as long as offers and anything to do with postage costs or payment is settled via PM. Not on the open forum. This is not something I’ve personally dealt with before but my wife was involved in a dog grooming forum (possibly facebook I wasnt really paying attention) and they started a similar thing and within weeks it was in fighting and kicking right off and everyone fell out over some scissors…

I would really hate for that to happen here… but in fairness the dog groomers were (I’m going to sound horrendous here :joy: and I apologise) all of a particular sex…well known for it’s over reaction and drama (I’m so sorry)


Seeds sown I guess, let us know what happens pls :slight_smile:

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International postage could be a problem I guess? That can get expensive, but any agreed deals should be fine.

Do a lot of this in UK Scale modelling circles, were some new guys came crashing in for a rip off, but that was years ago, its all good now, its all about post count and time on forums there I suppose?

But we mostly know each other here now … we’ll see :slight_smile:


Not to be the crapehanger here…however, I would suggest some basic rules covering things like shipping and refunds to keep the Mudspike site free and clear of controversies. I’m not worried about the “usual Mudspike suspects” as I am about an “outsider” looking to scarf up electronics.


Yeah, perhaps a minimum of posts, time as a member and likes received could weed out the riffraff.

Shipping should always be covered by the buyer, that just makes sense.


If I might offer some suggestions:

Minimum post count, not just member time. Don’t publicize the post count number either, and they must be “contributing posts” not just “+1,” “I agree with that,” etc. Very few folks will put in the time and energy to do that to try and rip folks off.

The sale forum is locked and not viewable unless you have access. This also helps keep folks from trying to rip anyone of as they have no idea if it’s worth it and thus they go elsewhere with easier pickings.

No questions/comments/complaints in the thread about the terms of the sale. You can ask all you want about the item however. If you want to try and haggle a better deal, or you feel the shipping cost is too high etc do that over PM.

Explicitly state in the thread TITLE where you the SELLER are, so people can see quickly if it will be an international sale.

The terms of purchase, method of payment, etc are all handled through PM and are between the seller and the buyer exclusively. :mudspike: has no hand in any of it. I’d make a sticky listing the buyer/seller protections of various internet payment services.

Have a seperate feedback thread in the forsale section that buyers and sellers may post in regarding their transaction. This is not a b***h’ing forum, rather it’s to say if it went well or poorly. This needs to be mod’d fairly closely to avoid to turning in a mess on occasion (from past experiences).

Have a terms of usage for the for sale section that removes :mudspike: from anything and everything going on in the the F/S/T forum, except keeping the threads properly formatted, and the feedback forum mod’d.

Make sure everyone’s very aware that the forum can go away in short order if it turns into too much trouble for the :mudspike: staff.


Mudspike Marketplace has a Nice ring to it.


If any of us regulars fall out over it we all have to contribute via a PayPal donation to have @Hangar200 arrive at your house, stuff you in a duffel bag and take you for a keel hauling.


Seems were off to the races boys!

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I’m the only one that thought the topic was somebody trying to buy the Mudspike forums?


We can offer $20, but at push we can try to get together $35 if you take it before new year. No refunds, sold as seen. :clown_face:


No. That was my initial reaction too.


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Don’t give @BeachAV8R any ideas! :wink:


Hehe…sounds just like us Flight Simmers on a bad day :slight_smile:


I fear the funds will be delivered with malicious compliance…



OK…I’m up for that. :grin:


This is all very cool, Admins, thanks.

I don’t really have a spare Virpil base to sell as Schurem mentioned, have the new one on order from virpil but need them both, curved extension and chair mount needs.

I actually have 4 sets of rudder pedals just now and that’s bordering on the looney I know, keeping the new Thrustmaster ones for sure, may let go my MFG Crosswinds V2, they are fantastic pedals, but not my style, have the Saitek Modded regular pedals and Combat ones that are out of production.

Have 12 Saitek (now Logitech) FIP’s, the little USB LED gauge consoles, these will be sold, easy postage options too for anywhere in the world as they are quite small.

Spare Saitek Cessna Yoke (this is out of production too I think?)

A good few of the Saitek Panels, BIP, Radio panels ETC.

VR Insight GPS 5 GPS screen.

Maybe some CPU’s n stuff.

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