C-101 Update

Nice video. I’ve been waiting for this bird for a loooong time. I’m really going to enjoy it once it is finished up…

More info HERE


Great video. At least DCSW developers have a few spots to go to if they want properly done videos.

As for the C101 and the update: I like that plane, I really do, and I am happy that they reworked it once more with great quality and the CC is in its final stages as well.
…But I want that damn AFM now. That’s pretty much the only news I want from the Aviodev guys, after two years of development. And now they publish an update saying “We hope we will finish it in 2017” and they gave all the data to the AFM developer. Really?? From what they told us last year I expected it to be finished right now but to me that sounds as if they haven’t even started. Which is bad. Two finished AFMs in one year? I don’t think so.
I like them and support them, but I am a bit pissed right now to be honest.

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Yes - it’s been a loooooong wait for both the Hawk and the C101. I can only console myself with the fact that they were long shots from the beginning…and even though it is taking forever, they may end up having a nice module at the end, and with the fact that (thankfully) there has been so much other content to tide me over. I’m probably more disappointed than most because I have a soft spot in my heart for light trainers.


To be honest it was their first project and they did go through quite some “Human Resource” issues so… all in all it’s still an acceptable timeline.
It’s not like they were sleeping on laurels.

Plus let’s say that DCS development scheduling didn’t help. :wink:


This will probably result in an off-topic thread, but how the heck do they get such awesome external camera shots? Like the panning? Are there some controls I don’t know about? Or maybe mods? I see it in a lot of high-end videos, and always wonder how they do that.

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I agree…there must be some trickery (ie - skill I don’t understand) involved there…

Impressed with the engine sounds. Are they that way in game? If so, they did well there.
And I really like the pre-start setup. Ladders, AGE hooked up. These are needed in the DCS World for all aircraft. It adds so much immersion.



I doubt it. Glowing AMRAAM has a flair for effects…


I’m pretty much in the same boat. I want this module plus the Hawk but will not take the plunge until both get the AFM. I have both hi fidelity modules and what I call DCS lite (without clickable cockpits) but one thing I must have in my modules is the AFM.

I like them too just for exploring maps, practicing navigation, practicing take-off and landing patterns etc. They definately have a place in DCS.

I think this is one of the most important notions that is forgotten by many in the community, particularly those that criticize the third party developers for not having various features right out the gate. I can only imagine how difficult it is for those third party developers to continuously have to change or fix things when DCS is in such flux. It is like trying to score a touchdown when someone is constantly moving the goal-posts.


The goal posts are pretty irrelevant for scoring a touchdown, but I still agree. :smile:

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As for goal posts and touchdowns, I think what was meant was a field goal would be difficult if the goal posts were constantly being moved. (And hey, guys, I’m Canadian and I know that :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, I agree about the Advanced Flight Model. To support the third party developers, I bought the Hawk, the C101, and the L-39. But I don’t fly them much. Heck, I got all three “egg beaters” (Helo’s in Navy terminology) but I only fly the Huey. The L-39 has some flight hours on it, but the Hawk and C101 are just a weekend warrior thing that I fly just to see if their landing gear still work. Most of my weekends are in the Eagle, the Huey, or something with a Merlin engine in it. :wink:

To be serious, still, I would never “push” on the developers. I just don’t know how fragile they are. And I want them to know how much I love what they are doing.