Cable snapping



OMFGWTFBBQ! That aircrew just earned themselves the “Balls of Steel” award.

There are few things more terrifying to hear about aboard a carrier. Not only for the crew of that Hawkeye, but also for the flight deck folks. A cable that thick and heavy parting will snap back with a nasty recoil, and has been known to take everything in their path with them. It looks like this time 8 sailors were injured, with the worse being a fractured skull and one almost lost a foot, but thankfully no deaths.

The last time this happened (that I know of) was in 2003, aboard USS George Washington:

I used to drink with the ABH (yellow shirt) that jumped the cable twice, purely on instinct and from hearing it. Luckiest SOB I ever knew.


You drink on instinct? That’s hardcore.


That’s actually the second thing I thought of when I saw this, and because of that exact video.

That is crazy. My father used to work on the rail road in the 60s. We were riding Amtrak, and were stopped because a lumber consist heading the opposite direction had collided with a vehicle in the crossing.

I vividly remember him pointing out the small crowd of rubberneckers standing by the train, and the tensioned chains keeping the logs on the flatbed, and then explained the what happens when one of those chains snaps, and what said chain will do to a human body at that speed.

Steel cable isn’t to be trifled with.


Well if chase I did. duh, sailor.


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