Cadet researchers take a 'front seat' to improve pilot training

“It is our job to build the simulator around the chair,” Read said. “We get trained to weld but that’s the thing with systems engineering. We dabble in all areas, but our focus is human factors, where the project largely lies.”

So that looks like a TM Warthog, but is that DCS? (larger image in article…)

Says X-system in left top corner. Google comes up empty (sees x.plane and flight simulator x)

Pretty sure that’s not DCS.

Somebody needs to tell him that:

  1. His EAC is off.

  2. His APU is on.

  3. His radar altimeter is off

  4. Some weirdo is under his HOTAS…(???)


  1. is really creepy :anguished:

Also his HUD seems to be switched off.