CAE is predicting a massive shortfall of airline pilots

They’re thinking 255,000 new pilots worldwide will be needed by 2027 … 1/3 of that in North America alone. It might be a good time to start training now! … but then again, I think CAE might be a little biased here. :slight_smile:

I should become a pilot… :man_pilot:


Ok, so I wasn’t directing this post toward the currently active Mudspike type rated pilot pool per se but rather the subset of people viewing that are interested in pursuing aviation at a professional level. :grin:

I keep reading about the pending pilot shortage. But it seems like it remains ‘pending’…


Same thing happens in the IT industry.

While the very talented people are always in short supply, i do think that the industry likes to overplay its demand. If the demand is being met, there’s no reason to pay better because there’s always someone else waiting for that job…

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I think the pilot shortage is a real phenomena. Mainly because it is so expensive to get started and entry level flying jobs pay so little. It does beat working for a living though ;).

CAE contracts are pouring in for sure, both on military and civilian side. The financial year was one of the best CAE ever had. I’d still take that article with a bit of salt though.

I wouldn’t be so sure about this huge “shortage of pilots”. The personal investment of a student to get to a point where you can apply for one of these so-called 255,000 new positions is huge. At the moment the aviation market is exploding in China especially. At a local flight school near where I live, almost three quarters of students are coming directly from china to do their license.


Same effect is being applied to the wrench turners on the ground ;), bit cheeky to scream bloody murder when you offer sub-market rate salary, no training and no strong career path(in the MX part of the industry). Tons of people also find technical work outside aviation since those techs are in demand there.


I don’t know about pending. In the last few years there has been a pilot shortage. So much so that contracts have improved to entice new entrants. At the moment the sausage factory cant spit them out quick enough.

I don’t know about the bigger picture. But on the corporate side…there are LOTS of jobs and there aren’t a lot of applicants. As a result…in an attempt to retain, our pay has been bumping up. A lot of us could go the to the airlines now, but my company in particular is a pretty nice job…so there is very little movement into the airline ranks. Things have definitely changed over the past five years though…more jobs, better paying jobs, more opportunities, and less qualified candidates. So yeah…I believe the premise, but I’m not sure I believe the scope.

[quote=“PaulRix, post:6, topic:4381, full:true”]
I think the pilot shortage is a real phenomena. [/quote]

Hey, I’d love it if these predictions come true! It’s just that I’ve heard talk about pilot shortage for many years now.
Would give us some leverage to get rid of the pay2fly schemes and flags of convenience for some of the low cost carriers. All I want is to be able to live in the country in which I work, and not having to renew my contract every year (or even 6 months). I have good conditions. Great, even. I love my airline! But I see more competitors resorting to creative employment schemes, and opening bases in low cost countries.

About 14 years ago, I thought I was going to get laid off. My first reaction was “Now I may have to get myself a real job” :smile:

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With Corporate Aviation, one of the hard parts is finding a qualified candidate who is also a good fit and plays well with others. It becomes very important if you are on the road with the same people all the time.

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That used to be important in aviation in general.
Today many low cost carriers will hire anyone with a license, that will agree to pay for rating and flight hours.

I guess in corporate every unit is small enough, and important enough to someone, that personal qualities still matters.

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