Call me crazy. Did I see 2 Phantoms last week?

I’m almost positive they’re using the GEs out of a Lear 25.

And, I’ve definitely seen the QF-4Es still flying. Honestly, I imagine they’re probably being flown for heritage. I’d imagine they find dudes months away from a DD214 to fly it around to air shows.

Could be! Just saying what I’ve heard they used!

Were both correct, it uses the cj610 which is developed from the j85 which is found in the F5.

That sounds about right. I sure as hell wouldn’t be running actual Jumos, at least. :grin:

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Really nice amature video documenting the Phantom Pharewell. Check out the tail of one aircraft @ 26:04 that looks like part of the left horizontal stabilizer if blown off. Probably a drone that survived to die another day.

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