Campaigns Dont work

Hi guys,
More questions from my troubled desktop. I just got back from my very chilly vacation in Sweden. It was good to go from 40+ weather to 20’s. Sooo good.
Coming home I bought the HAF UH-1 Campaign and since I was already there, I also bought the Epson Spitty one. The UH-1 campaign installed but it crashes while trying to load the first mission.
Ok, I’m disappointed and have no way of knowing what is up. So I move on to the Epson campaign and DCS keeps telling me I don’t have a module. I have the WW2 map and the Spitfire module so I don’t know what is going on. If anyone can help I am much obliged.

Thanks all


Pretty sure you need the WWII assetts pack as well for Epsom.

Also which version of DC’s are you running some campaigns only work with the latest versions

Thanks for jumping in guys. I am running the latest versions of DCS. Is the assets pack separate from the MAP? Really? I will add that on and see.

Do you try to rename the …\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha folder?

How do you mean rename it? The names should match, yes?

Ok, I made some progress last night. I thought DCS 2.0 was updated but it was not. After I updated it, the Spit Campaign loaded up. However, it would freeze at the beginning of the mission. I turned off VR and then it started fine. I will go back to VR and try again.
The UH-1 campaign is still hanging up on the beginning of the first mission. DCS 1.5 up to date and disabling VR did not solve my issue.

Thanks for the support guys.

In this folder are your setups (graphic, joystick,…), missions etc. pp. - but sometimes, when DCS World not starting, it helps to rename the folder and re-start DCS World.

It (DCS) will create a new folder and sometimes your start/update or whatever problems are gone - so you just carefully copy your setup back into the new folder.

Got it! I will try that out. Thanks for the tip

Got my Campaigns working last night. Thank you to all that helped and especially to Ghost0815 for hanging in there with me. But… By now it should be obvious I am not too smart…
The Bell 47 REPLACES the UH-1 when installed. This is something I read but in my haste to fly the Bubble Bird I forgot all about it. Once this mod was disabled, I was able to open the first mission of the ARGO campaign. It even works in VR. I did not have time to fly the first mission but I can tell just from the first five minutes that it will be epic.
Moving on to EPSON Spitfire. First problem was solved by updating my game. After that I was able to load the campaign but not able to play it. The problem here is that it does not like VR in my machine. This may be due to the amount of objects. I am using the (very low) VR preset. After a few attempts the mission started but soon locked up. I may be forced to fly this on the flat screen as it looks really good.
I am overdue for a Windows reinstall and moving on to Win 10. However I have put it off far too long.
Thanks again for all the help guys.