Can a Flight Attendant land an Airbus?

Well…she can if she has an Airbus qualified sim instructor behind her acting as ATC…

Best Reddit comment (and accurate):

To really simulate this properly they should have had the guy on the
“ground” outside of the sim and only able to see the radar track.
There’s parts where you can see her looking in the wrong area of the
cockpit and he is able to correct her because he sees she is looking at
the wrong spot.


From what I have seen of an Airbus its all automated anyway. So in all honesty anyone with any airbus pit knowledge should be able to land it.

Well, i will share beach’s sentiments.

Whilst its done in a controlled environment, the host of factors beach has mentioned and environmental stresses would certainly add more complexity to the task.

Also, i am not sure if the (subtitled wording) instructions could be misinterpreted.

E.g. first thing that could cause problems is at 16 seconds, the instruction is given to push the button on the side stick to confirm if she can hear the instructor.

So lets have a think, there is a reason the two up front are incapacitated or dead (did they eat the fish?). Maybe one of them is fitting on the controls who knows, but it wont be pleasant and maybe even a hostile environment. That in itself is a massive distractor.

Add to that the instructor uses the term sidestick. Does the crew member know what and where that is. It may sound stupid, but they may simply not know .

Add to that, that the instructor says “push the button on the sidestick”. Well the sidestick is relatively hidden and has a potential flaw. There is a big red button on top which is easily seen and a hard to see trigger painted the same colour as the stick which you cannot see.

So if you had no clue, which would you press. I would hazard a guess at the red one, which instead of enabling communication, would instead knock out the autopilot. That would most likely not be a happy scenario. A loss of autopilot, a potentially disturbing and hostile environment on the flight deck and because the wrong button was pushed, no communication.

So it looks like the autopilot disconnected after she talked, and lets assume she did as my scenario depicted above, the video falls apart in my view as the instructor uses terms like check autopilot, grareshield, read whats on the primary flight display, altitude knob etc.

To be honest, yes the airbus can land itself, once its set up. But i stopped watching the video after 1.37 minutes. Taking all environmental factors out of the equation (i don’t think motion was on either), to me it was clear that the hostess was either being coached or had above normal normal flight deck knowledge.

I may be wrong of course, but i think there are three big things to take away from this.

  1. don’t eat the fish
  2. who disintegrated the pilots
    3). Don’t have a guy with a camera in your face in the flight deck. You cant play candy crush when being filmed
  1. Wear a shorter skirt. That can’t hurt.

Does displacement of the sidestick controller disengage the autopilot in the Airbus? Most of the airplane I fly…if you thumb the stick trim, the AP trips off (unless you have the “TCS” - Touch Control Steering button pressed down…)

@BeachAV8R When the autopilot is engaged there are locks placed on the stick to avoid any unintended movement. However these can be overridden and once the stick is moved, yes the autopilot will disconnect. However it will have to be an intentional force to override the lock.

When you engage or disengage the autopilot an audible clunk can be heard of the locks engaging/disengaging the sidestick.

And yes, short skirts should be a requirement for any abnormality/emergency, unless the attendant is a bloke… then i will leave it up to the ladies what they would prefer :confounded:

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Its standard procedure to never have both pilots eat the same meal

A question came to mind, When did they get Color displays on the oven? :grimacing:

Actually one might think it could help? The shorter the skirt the easier it is to step over the dead pilots and get into the seat right?

So a couple things.

1 this seems like it was set up with the pilots being incapacitated on final or close to final.

  1. they take her through the task of reprogramming the MCDU instead of just saying hey that knob next to the on that you turned for alt turn it to xxx and push it in.

  2. Why would he drop her in open decent? Set the damn thing to 3000 and let the A/C do the work.

  3. Why whould you have her set the HDG for the first time at 3000 feet? I would have had here run through that at 10000 or higher!

  4. Autobrakes on lo? I find that hard to believe.

  5. Seems like an awful lot was going on one final. set this set that?

7.Once she prgrammed the airport in the MCDU it would have brought up the STAR for that airport. Even if it didnt have STARs would it no have had waypoint to bring it in line?

Way to much going on for anybody to land this. I find it very hard to believe that any ATC would have routed the plane like this,

Also remind me not to fly any Russian airlines…