Can I get Reccomendations on a Clone Software?

Hey guys,

I am looking for an easy to use Software Cloning Program. I had already tried Seagates and Clonezilla so those are out… I dont mind if it is payware Freeware would be better but easy to use is what I am looking for here…

I do not need all the bells and whistles just some clone prgram that can clone source to device… I had used something in the past that was easy but do not remember what it was…

Thank you all

Honestly I never went wrong with Acronis.
Never failed me once.

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This is my nr1 choice and never goes wrong:
EaseUS Free Partition Manager for Windows | 2023 Download

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you also have the super classic Norton Ghost…

Well with Acronis I see no imaging software on their website same with Ease us and Norton ghost looks like it was discontinued for win 11…

Search continues…

EDIT: The Acronis is a full package not interested in all that and besides I don’t think it had a purchase it looked to be monthly fees…

Ease Us Partition Manager fully support Win11 !!!
Check his tech specifications:

Tech Spec for EaseUS Partition Master

It is always updating and have excellent support. I know them since many years. I have a license of it in each of my computers. It do some crazy clones that sadly others not supported. It is also perfect for partition resize, move etc.

TIP: Also if you want to go to the full (non free) license, talk with them on live chat, if you carefully ask fr it, you can easily receive some discount code.

Yes I said Norton Ghost does not support win 11… I googled it and found the clone program looks to be a good one I can even make a boot disk but it cost 60bucks…

Besides Easeus are there any other clone programs that are a little bit cheaper?

I will get tthat if there are no others.

also with the EaseUS do I do a sector for sector copy and that is an image copy correct?

i not use win11, but it worked perfect in my win10 64 bits.
I used many times to clone my main (with OS) disk and with resize, like from 1TB to a 2TB disk and its all perfect results without any loss.
It do sector by sector, it creates perfect clone. Also have many tools for partitions managements.
See in detail all the features of it, its a very very good tool.

yes it looks simple to use as well it is a contender… will wait and see if anybody else throws another clone software in that they reccomend…

Thank you Stavka…

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If you buy it, don’t forget to ask for a discount voucher, they never refused that.

Second vote for EaseUs, never had any issues with it

Another vote for EaseUs here, didn’t do anything super complicated but it worked just fine.

I use a previous version, Acronis True Image 2021. A single-buy solution for imaging, still available for purchase. (at least here in Germany)

As all the drives I’ve bought in recent years were Samsung drives, I used their software (Magician?) works pretty well and is free on the Samsung website. Not sure if the target drive needs to be Samsung.

Yes, the target drive needs to be a Samsung … I already checked that. now if only there was a program like that I would buy it…

Sorry I’m late to the party on this one. When I bought my latest M2 SSD 2280 a few weeks back, Crucial was recommending a cloning programme called SK Hynix.

I downloaded it from their site and used it - it’s free for private use - and it was brilliant. Very easy to use, very quick to clone the drive and no issues. I’ve uploaded the short manual.

Migration_EN.7z (863.4 KB)

Website download:

I’ve also used Macrium Relfect with success.


with Macrium will it clone a nvme drive and be restored if using win 11 on the Laptop to be imaged?