Car Mechanic Simulator

Anyone played these? 2018 is $15 in the steam sale. The older ones can be had for a few dollars. What say ye?

I’ve heard good things, in that it’s a decent sim.

A lot of new cars are ‘computer says xyz’ so it makes sense a lot of the diagnostics in this sim are realistic :slight_smile:

Obviously, you have to love cars…

That’s not quite correct, you get an error code that says “This and this is happening”. What the actual cause is, well that still requires some system knowledge and a keen eye on spotting what is normal and what is broken! The computer doesn’t say “Replace this and this”. A lot of my co-workers have started out in the automotive industry so lunch topics happen to veer back to that every now and then! :wink:

I’ve been a shade tree mechanic for many years, I’ve enjoyed the game so far. Would be good as a mobile game as well. Good time waster.

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Yep I’ve heard many good things about it so far.

I need a Lycoming engine swap simulator atm.


The easiest method I’ve found, and this is just a personal thing. Is to just, grab some gasoline as a WD-40 alternative to loosen everything up real well. Like throw a 55 gal barrel on it, and then light it on fire. The whole thing. Just enjoy it burning down! :wink:

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