Carenado shelves its XP G1000 in favor of Laminar Research offering

Well, it didn’t take long. About 4 hours and 30 votes, if one is counting. danklaue made it official, “We are discontinuing development on the G1000 altogether. IF it goes in as a parallel unit in future planes, we’ll most likely not make any changes to it, as none of the changes would be easily achieved. It has become such a complex thing, and that’s why it’s already on the verge of being dropped altogether.”

Why is this important to X-Plane pilots? Because Carenado is one of the few prodigious commercial developers, whom while are without question 3D modelers extroninare, have always struggled in the systems department. This will give Carenado customers a more stable and better performing G1000, while hopefully freeing up resources for new products or bug squashing.


Looks like the LR G1000 is getting terrain mapping in 11.20.

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