Carrier Ops Screenshots and Videos





Can we guess what I’ve been up to all weekend?

F-14s over Oregon, doesn’t get much better.

Carrier broke out of low squalls just in time to set down. Everything’s looking okay, I’ve set the deck to pitch 10 feet.

Ended up being another one wire, but I’m gonna blame it on the boat. The timing worked out so the stern was coming up to meet me as I touched down. Ten seconds before or after it would have been a two or a three.


You think about setting your autothrottle?


Never use it. I don’t feel it imparts any useful experience, and it teaches reliance upon a system that can fail or be disabled.


Said just like a Tomcat pilot.



I could give a bunch of justifications, but at the end of the day this…

Is way more satisfying knowing it was all me over sharing the credit with some futsy computer.


My exact reason for not wanting the F/A-18 :relieved:

I’ll go and hide now…



Does the FSX Turkey model the DLC system? I wonder if that would’ve helped at all with mitigating the heave of the ship.


Has anyone heard if the SimWorks Studios F-4B/N Phantom II will be updated for P3Dv4? Nothing in their forum that is obvious.


Don’t you fly the mirage?

Kinda. It’s a on/off thing that increases your AOA on fsx as opposed to on and then having an up/down command as in reality.


But the Mirage is just so… French.

If anybody has ever driven or worked on Renaults or Peugeots, you know what I mean about their (mostly) charming quirks.


Doesn’t have a single MFD, either!


Arguable, but I’m more focusing on teapot and kettle situation: the Mirage, like the Hornet, has a DFCS.


Lets not mention bombing accuracy, either.

Hornet = I’ll just point & click

Mirage = WTF??!!



Iiiiiiiiii feel like there are some dire misconceptions at play here, but this isn’t the thread or time to address them.

EDIT: This new stick makes this easier than I remember.


I know I’ve mentioned it before…but it sure would be cool if we could have an area of NTTR that had an NOLF with IFLOLS and carrier box painted on it…


Technically NAS Lemoore, NAS North Island, MCAS Miramar, NAS China Lake and NAS Fallon are on the map, the last two are in the medium definition areas