Carrier Ops Screenshots and Videos


Only on Sea and Anchor Detail when we were pulling out of NOB- but that was because we had closed down Greenie’s four hours earlier. :beers:

I stood a roving watch until I made EM1 and qualified LD, so I actually had to go fix stuff the MM’s would touch, and as LD (at least underway) I had to deal with the CHENG, RO, XO, CO, and EOOW wanting to poke their noses into my business. So I didn’t get much sleep then, even in the middle of the night.

Now, the ET’s and ELT’s, on the other hand…


That was a great place to nap during GQ drills when I was a repair party electrician for one of the O3 level repair lockers. I was friends with a few of the IS’s, and they owed me favors for helping them get ESWS qual’d. And money, from the nightly Reactor Lounge poker game.


Yes, CVIC was good … we always had good AC (all the computers)…not that I ever napped there…no, never.

The best intel space for napping was the Chart Vault…although with all the charts online now I doubt the space exists any more.

Back in the day we had an inventory of literally thousands of hard copy charts–GNC, ONC, TPC, JOG Air, etc.–for every place we were expected to go (or might go) on a deployment. All for aircrews to use in Mission Planning. They came in packages of about 50 and were stored on big metal shelves in the aptly names “Chart Vault”. The space wasn’t all that big so it was pretty crowded. For some reason it was located up forward a fair distance from CVIC.

They usually gave an IS3 the collateral duty of the Chart Vault Custodian. The idea was that he (this was before women on carriers) was supposed to keep the Chart Vault squared away, keep a good running inventory, break out packages of charts as needed and let his Chief know when they needed to reorder a particular set of charts.

Inevitably this guy would start announcing “I need to go down to the Chart Vault.” on a near daily basis - reasons ran from sweeping out the space to taking inventory to…“just because”. Other times, one of his friends would disappear for hours “down to the Chart Vault looking for a TPC G-4D.”

The Chart Vault had a combo lock so unless he was deep asleep, he’d hear somebody else coming and wake up before he got caught…sort of.

“So, IS3…how are you managing to do inventory with all the lights off?”

A friend of mine on CV-66 said that they found their Chart Custodian had basically moved in - he found some space behind a set of shelves to set up a mattress with blankets, rigged up a light and moved in his stuff…was quite comfortable. If I recall, they made him go back to berthing but he kept his job because, other than setting himself up as the only E4 with his own “stateroom”, he really did a god job with the charts.


It’s an old game but still amazes me.


I also really liked these carrier landings in Hornet 3.0


Some Super Hornet carrier action from underrated PS2 flight sim/game.


WOW! never heard about this one, looks absolutely great for a PS2 game.

from wikipedia:

This game was not highly publicized and many game review sites don’t even acknowledge its existence.

And AimStrike is actually sequel :slight_smile:


OverG Fighters is the Xbox 360 Version.


More like a spiritual sequel, but it was honestly crap.
Boy I was burned badly by that…


Here’s a teaser for the upcoming episode of my Aero Elite Combat Academy playthrough on PS2. Yeah it’s a console game but the modelling of carrier landings can put to shame many PC releases.


Impressive! Especially considering it’s PS2!



I am sooooo going to enjoy doing that in DCS!!


Bugs the hell out of me that the last guy misses his left aileron on prelaunch. The thing blips a little but he wasn’t looking at it. The thing just wasn’t deflecting fully. :slight_smile:


Could it have been a trim thing? Maybe to counter an unseen asymmetric load?


If you like The F-35B…and the nostalgia of Janes Flight Sms(soundtrack) then you might like this :slight_smile: