Carrier Ops

you guys notice the dude hopping over the wire as it whips across the deck? superman lives!


That is an 8 blade prop, modernized E-2C (and the date is 2016) so not the same exact video I saw as a JO in the late 80s…but EXACTLY the same thing…which is a bit disturbing that it has happened more than once :open_mouth:. Thanks for the awesome video!

I recall that the aviators in my ready room were discussing a very similar E-2C incident. The Squadron CO was flying. He must have known that the E-2C was near or at its stall speed because when the Air Boss yelled “Altitude! Altitude!” over the radio, the cool calm response was,

“Negative. I’m getting into the ground effect.”

Which he used to stay aloft until he had gained enough airspeed to climb.


And that is why the E-2 and C-2 are the ultimate carrier planes.


This story, combined with above video is so cool I recounted and explained it to my woman who was impressed instead of annoyed. So yeah.

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