Catching the wire

Hey guys, I just tried the Su-33 carrier landing instant flight thing. I thought it would be the hardest thing ever, no flight path marker, tiny boat, etc. First time I struck the ramp.

CTRL-R and another go. floated down, caught a wire! Taxied to the yellow stripe thing that seems to indicate take-off positions, goosed the engine and flew off. Made a good old circuit and approached for a second trap. And that one went fine as well!

I thought making a successful carrier trap was one of the hardest thing to do in this sim, but it appears it is not, or I am one sierra hotel motherlover :sunglasses:

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I had the same experience with the new Su-33. It was very easy and pretty underwhelming :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s not too bad. It’s probably quite generous in terms of allowed vertical speed without damage.

I think day-time, good weather recovery is meant to be something where you don’t usually die. :slight_smile:

It can only get a bit tense where it’s the end of a long mission and a bad approach gets ignored for ‘land fever’. Nobody’s got time for wave-off’s…

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I still haven’t tried the new Su-33 flight model and carrier ops. It’s on my ever growing list of things to do.

I think the biggest difference is that we usually do not have to respect the very tight safety limits in sims. If you could just trap however you want in real life, it would probably also be pretty easy in 49 out of 50 landings. And every 50th landing you die…


True that. And the fact that a ramp strike is not just ‘game over; reload’ but final irrevertible death for you and all the dudes near the crash site.

Still. It’s gonna be so easy in the hornet with a flight path marker and all those snazzy little black boxes and gizmos the US navy tends to put in their kites :wink:

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I still think Tazers should be hooked up to our chairs for when we crash. Or one of those crazy Russian airbags… I mean, what could go wrong??


(I mean…I’d fly more carefully if that were the penalty…)