Caucasus Map for 2.5 Update - 23 July 2016

Dear all,

I have a little news for you on the updated Caucasus map for DCS World
2.5. A key part of DCS World 2.5 will be the unification of the Caucasus
and Nevada maps (and all other future maps). In order to do this, we
first need to update the Caucasus map to the T4 map standard (as the
Nevada map is).

Initially, we planned just to update the file structure and field
textures, but we later decided to greatly expand on that. Because the
Caucasus often servers as the first impression for new DCS World users,
we feel it important to have a more substantial update that matches map
quality to vehicle module quality. While the attached summer season
images are still very much Work-In-Progress (with a lot of fixes, tuning
and some pretty big changes to still come), they do provide a glimpse
of where we are going.


In the attached images, you may notice the following: updated / higher
resolution textures for almost all terrain surfaces, airfields, and
ground objects; new tree system for both forests and “urban areas”; much
greater population of forested areas; several new ground objects with
improved geometry detail; deferred lighting system; new water renderer;
procedural grass; and improved shadows. We also hope to include a higher
resolution terrain elevation mesh, but no promises on that. In previous
images, we showed off how the updated map is looking from “squirrel
cam” level, but today we thought we’d raise the camera up a bit.

Once the map update is near final with concrete poured, we can provide
more details. However, prior to then, too much can still change to make
any additional feature statements.

We share your desire to have “the great unification” happen as soon as
possible, as it will make the lives of both developer and customer a lot
easier. However, this map update is long overdue and will need to be
completed before that can happen. We are still looking at this being
completed by the end of 2016.

All in all, this is going to be a pretty extensive update to the map and
we think will breath some new life into this region for both past and
future missions. Best of all, we are providing this extensive map update
for FREE.



Awesome news Matt! The screenshots are looking gorgeous too!

If a new terrain resolution would be implemented, would that have consequences for mission designers?

How many squirrel cams were harmed in the making of 2.5?

Impossible to say until if/when we can make such a change.

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Enough to feed me for a year.


@wagmatt the screenshots look absolutely stunning! I have to ask what the performance is likely to be compared to the current version, especially for VR users? Will my GTX980 be able to cope do you think?

Nice update!

…even though it is just graphics again. I had kinda hoped for something more substantial.

Anyway, if that means that everything will be identical technology-wise I can see the advantage of doing this.

Wow the new tree’s look really nice, as with all the retexturing.

great work @wagmatt and ED team.

Looking amazing! The ED team is doing some awesome work! I am looking forward to ejecting over that landscape whenever it is ready :slight_smile:

hmmmm sound interesting.

@wagmatt OMG! That is truly impressive! Great job guys! :smiley:

@wagmatt any word on if we will see the return of the Crimea?

Certainly not, way out of scope and would probably delay the map update another year.


Please don’t read into things. “Vehicle” applies to aircraft modules.


Way too early.


Thanks @wagmatt expected can change on a far future.

Understandable. We certainly appreciate the work of the team and I can’t wait to see the finished results.

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I must now become extremely irate over something that was never promised yet to which I feel entitled!

But really, those shots look spectacular.

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I have been seeing some of these shots for a little while and let me tell you, I have never been so tempted to accidentally share one of those, but my fear of Matt is still strong :slight_smile:

Still amazes me the amount of work they are putting into what will be a free map for everyone. It makes sense that they are doing it, but the amount of work is incredible. Glad to have these guys steering our flight sim ship…