Cessna Caravan crash

Oh dear. A man and 7 year old boy died - RIP.

Oh no… :worried:

Terrible terrible…

Really?! That just makes me mad. How heavy could a 7 year old be? I would go down with the plane if I couldn’t get my son off safely.

Maybe I missed a detail but I read that differently. I’m thinking they jumped first then the problem that doomed the flight occurred.

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Oh ya … you’re probably right. I was reading it like the guy literally bailed on his son.

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Most likely. But still… Imagine how the guy must feel…!

Recurring nightmare of every father I guess.

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Bloody heck. Since my children came alive I became a walking anxiety disorder…


It’s like, OK son, we’re all jumping out so be careful of this big open door … the stranger pilot will take care of you. I don’t get it. If you’re going up to risk your life, don’t bring the kids.