Changes Coming to PolyChop Gazelle in Next DCS World Update

Link to Announcement Here


For 2.5.0 and coming 2.5.1

  • Added SA342Minigun module
  • Added SA342Minigun addendum.txt file in module Doc folder
  • Corrected PBR textures, no more “roughmet” textures are used, according to particular light conditions some issues may still show
  • Multicrew mode, Nadir use has been moved to copilot, pilot is no more able to use the Nadir if a copilot is aboard.
  • Corrected Rockets range and effect
  • Corrected Mistral missile, now it’s all aspects and 7km range
  • Corrected HOT3 effect regarding unarmoured vehicles (infantry, trucks …)
  • Added Copilot Intercom functionality
  • Corrected Cockpit glasses
  • Reworked Gyro and AP logic
  • In order to prevent conflicts between the main joystick and a possible second joystick when targeting with the camera, a new option has been added in Options/Special/SA342 named “SECOND JOYSTICK FOR CAMERA”, it has to be unchecked if you don’t use a second joystick for the Camera (Viviane or else) and it has to be checked if you use a second joystick.
  • Due to latency issues, ability for the copilot to pilot the helicopter in multicrew mode has been removed.
  • Added missing keyboard or joystick assignments in controls, Warning, Due to new input additions, it could be needed to re-assign some inputs.
  • Restored behavior at ground, the helicopter will begin to roll or pitch around 45% torque
  • Corrected controls position for FFB or non-FFB sticks, including diamond, 3d stick in cockpit view, 3d stick in external view
  • Corrected ADF guage CAP flag
  • Cockpit lights have been fixed including writings flickering, issues may persist under specific light conditions
  • Replaced “Improve your skill” mission 2.5.0 version
  • Corrected sun glasses
  • A new document has been added to the module doc folder, named “Gazelle Multicrew 24-04-2018.txt” talking about multicrew limitations.
  • Damages due to negative g has been added
  • FM has been refined in some areas
  • Corrected camera control when in slaved mode
  • NADIR, Auxiliaries will display continuously i.e “AUX 1-6”. Pressing AUX key again or using the EFF long key press will revert to previous display.
  • Weapons training missions changed for Caucasus and Nevada.
  • Minigun gunner animation is still WIP and will be corrected
  • The Gazelle module goes out of beta state, potential still existing issues will be corrected in time.