Changing Great Battles username

Ok this is not quite the run of the mill name changing problem with Great Battles. I know how to change the name using your Profile in the Great Battles store but there is some confusion regarding how to change it when it is linked to a Steam account.

The problem is that there seems to be two usernames associated to the account and we can’t find the one that needs to be changed.

Great Battles Store: Username 1
Steam Account: Username 1
In Game Username: Username 2

We tried changing the name using the Great Battles store but the in game username remained “User name 2” and we can’t find a way to change it in the Steam account.

Hopefully this make sense to someone.


Have you sought help from the IL-2 developers themselves on this? I mean, this seems like the kind of issue that they are more equipped to meaningfully help you solve.

Thank you @startrekmike that option has already been discussed.
In the mean time I was hoping there was a simple way to fix the problem that someone with the Steam version and the Game store had already encountered. :sunglasses:


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