Chat and Mudspike Discord

That’s an interesting way to do it. It allows discussion and then allows an easy way to ignore the discussion and cut to the facts :slight_smile:

BTW: There are a couple people on the fourms here who do mission development, so feel free to make a thread about it. :slight_smile:

To your point, when I first landed at MUDSPIKE I thought, “Why they’re a GIF happy bunch of buggers, aren’t they.” Showing my age I expect.





Most of the back and forth isn’t anything new or revolutionary, just little things we dig out while trying to do certain things that were probably widely known by anyone who’s messed with the LOMAC/DCS mission editor for years. If there’s a demand though, we can make a bunch of it public; it’s not privileged information like Area 51 aliens (looking at you @Hangar200 :alien: ).


I like forums. And I agree that the usability of the Mudspike forums (Discourse) is the best I’ve experienced yet.

For me, Discord is chaos. I have serious issues with finding a structure in Discord conversations and therefore I don’t even care to read more than the previous ten posts. It’s more like a live conversation at a party I guess.

In the forums it’s different. I try to keep up with the topics even if it has gotten harder to find the time to read through all the threads. If the community continues to grew I will soon arrive at a point where I will not be able to follow everything. I’m sure there are a lot of community members who are there already.

I’m not sure what to make out of this. I would hate to see the forums change or go. I like the banter, memes and gif spamming as well as the gold nuggets of news, tutorials and AARs.


We’re just trying to find the right balance @miRage, and discussions like this are part of it. Mudspike is a big tent, so we’re just trying to make sure we provide the best ways for people to have fun, chat and play their sims and games with like-minded friends.


It’s not either/or, is it? Discord for the (near) realtime communications that come with getting all cats in a herd for a friday night on Hollo Pointe and this here brilliant forum for banter, memes, gifs and the occasional gold nugget of AAR, sea story, news or tutorialisation.


Yep, it’s not either/or. We’re just looking at how best to integrate live chat and forum topics here, i.e. we can set things up so that it is easy to notify some topics or something over there, so you could do ‘Anyone want to fly tonight? #discord’ and it would automatically add that post to the Discord #hangar-flying channel - that way people get the choice.

Similarly, we can make easier so that a Discord thread can be pushed to here as a new topic as it gets more complicated or threaded, or if someone mentions you on Mudspike discord then you’ll get a notification here etc. There are a lot of tech things we can do with bots either end.

Essentially it’s about seeing if the community we have here can get use out of something out of there. Before I threw something out there, but it didn’t really work so well, so now we’re working out why it didn’t work and if we do it again, how to make it better / more useful. Whatever we do won’t be a ‘tech only’ solution, as it has a lot to do with how much people are keen to use it. I can add bots like crazy, but it won’t get used until it is useful and bought in here :slight_smile:


Speaking of bots…what is the format for @wxbot I forgot. I tried to use him the other night and I couldn’t get it worked out. I love him.

I like the idea of a more real-time @Discord channel with chat where users can hop on to coordinate golf games or MP flying. It would probably work a bit better for hashing out the details.

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@fearlessfrog METAR raw report: CYVR 241800Z 00000KT 30SM FEW020 SCT078 BKN089 03/M02 A3002 RMK CU1AC3AC3 CU TR ACSL NW-N SLP167.

Seems ok with a (METAR CYVR) (but using [square brackets] instead, otherwise it would convert this post as well :slight_smile:)

People that do that should be reminded that they are called “bullets” for a reason…that those people stand a good chance of being shot if they continue.

I used to tell my officer students, “It is called a ‘brief’ for a reason. It is not called a ‘long’.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@BeachAV8R METAR raw report: KCLT 242052Z AUTO 29016G23KT 10SM FEW065 21/06 A2980 RMK AO2 SLP089 T02110056 53013 TSNO.


@chipwich METAR raw report: KPDK 242353Z 30009KT 10SM CLR 12/M04 A3014 RMK AO2 SLP207 T01171039 10167 20117 51029.

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For those like me who couldn’t read one of these to save their life…

Airport: DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, United States (KPDK)

Report time Issued on the 24th of the month, at 23:53 UTC

Winds Wind from 300°(northwest) at 9 knots

Visibility 10 statute miles (16 km)

Skies Skies are clear

Temperatures Temperature 12°C (54°F), dew point -4°C (25°F)

Pressure 30.14 inHg (1021 hPa)

Station automated with a rain/snow precip. sensor
Pressure at sea level is 1020.7hPa (30.14 inHg)
Temperature 11.7°C (53°F), dew point -3.9°C (25°F)
Max temperature in last 6 hours was 16.7°C (62°F)
Min temperature in last 6 hours was 11.7°C (53°F)
Pressure tendency is 1002.9hPa (29.62 inHg)