Cities Skylines 1.1 Update

Looking forward to this, as I’ve enjoyed it so far. The traffic becomes a bit of problem, but then I just get too reluctant to repave and make big changes (I’d make a terrible city planner obviously).

A nice title, considering the low bar set by SimCity’s latest…

Plus I really want to try this out, to get that SimCopter nostalgia vibe going :smiley:

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I purchased Cities:Skylines yesterday, and I was pretty blown away. Nice graphics and enough depth for me. And I only scratched on the surface, for two or three hours or so. So I guess there is more to come!

I hope it won’t get too hard, though. The last game of that genre I played was… well… Sim City 2000 in the year 1993 I guess. And that one was too hard for me.

Looks like you chose a good time to buy it. A new big content patch today (free!) with 30 new buildings. Nice.

Probably I should have bought it when it was on sale, would have saved me €10.
But whatever. I am enjoying the game. My wife and I started a new city last night.
2000 peeps in the city, and we already had to change some roads because the trucks for the industry are blocking the streets that people want to use driving to work.
Reminds me of my home town actually, so quite realistic. :smiley: