Clean install of DCS World...

So how do I do an install of DCS World that results in the smallest footprint and the least time needed to switch between the two? I just did a clean reset of my system, and would like to run both the Caucuses (1.5?) and NTTR (2.0?). So I guess I need two installs in separate directories is that correct? And I’d like 1.5 to be just the vanilla current release version…but what version do I want for 2.0? I’m still a bit sketchy on how Skate’s GUI works so apologies if this is all obvious to everyone else.

It is pretty simple: Just get both installers from here :slight_smile:
and install. Ignore the beta, currently it is the same as the release IIRC. I have all three installed though… :smiley:

In both cases you will just get the newest version of the respective branch, which is also the one you should use.

Yes, definitely separate directories.

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Can the two installs share the same modules directories (ie: all the add-on aircraft) or do they have to necessarily be separate? Thanks for the info…

Before my clean wipe, I had 5 installs…ugh…

Open Alpha
Closed Alpha / Developer build
Clean Newbie install (for that last article I wrote)

No wonder I had no SSD space…so I’m going to be happy to have just two installs now.

You still have to install aircraft into both versions.

But using JSGME, I can keep my installs as vanilla as I need to when it comes to update days.

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I have 13 working installs right now… lol…

Install 1.5,
Install 2.1

Use the installers for each,

Previously I’d say Install 1.5, Copy/Paste Folder and run updater to force open alpha, but then you’d have caucasus there twice taking up space, and I’m not sure if cleanup command would delete it.

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I have both 1.5 and 2.1 on my SSD and I’m counting the days to the merge so I can free up the wasted space. I really need more SSD space but I’ve not been willing to spend the $300+ for a 1TB SSD yet.

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considering for best lifespan/performance it’s recommended not to use more than like 60% of the actual SSD.

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I’ve been using around 400GB on my 500GB SSD.

Unfortunately, between 1.5 and 2.1 that means about 25% of my used space is DCS alone.