Cliffs of Dover SP campaign recommendations?

Executive summary:
After a long hiatus from combat flight simming, I dust off Cliffs of Dover, but need guidance as to the best available campaigns, from both historical and playability points of view.

Terribly long winded version:
Taking inspiration from a second reading of Kershaw’s The Few, which I revisted recently while on a beach vacation in South Carolina, returning home I dusted off Cliffs of Dover, including an install Team Fusion 4.312. I see a new section in the sim entitled Team Fusion Campaigns, along with its East and West entries.

Having been out of flight simming for a long while, sidetracked first by racing sims, then by my better half, who one day informed me that yes we should have a family and that at our age we best get cracking, I decided to go about this from a complete newb perspective. The hope is that as I slowly but resolutely work my way through a campaign or two, that some of the cob webs would blow off revealing knowledge gained by former membership in first WWII Online and then more authentic minded IL2 squads, including what seems like about 10 years of bi-weekly meetings engaged in some sort of air battle over the skies of England, Europe, USSR, and the Pacific. That was a lot of sorties, a lot of silk elevator rides, and on good nights a victory or two to keep one interested.

It’s taken a couple of weeks to figure out things like how to get the Warthog and TrackIR best configured, “complex engine management” in the Hurri, and getting rid of that blasted gray box (I know that I’ll probably need that at some point). Anyway, I’m 4 missions in the Campaign called Cliffs of Dover, and while intercepting unescorted bomber formations has helped ease my toes back in the water without suffering too much damage to virtual aircraft and ego, I’m beginning to wonder if I should be starting something with a bit more meat to sink my teeth into.

I see at ATAG they have the REDUX campaigns posted. So, given that I am predisposed to fly for the Red team, every RAF pilot ending the day racing his MG down the country lane to the village pub with black lab in the left seat (or is that 601 Squadron only), which of the Campaigns are most entertaining? Not that I wouldn’t venture to the other side of the channel to experience battle from the Blue team’s perspective, once we have defended our island, whatever the cost may be :slight_smile:

From reading the various COD threads here, I understand that the sim is best experienced online. Given the time commitment, I’m not quite ready to go there yet. So your thoughts on SP campaigns would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m going to continue this thread, just in case someone else follows a similar path.

After a little more research, I found REDUX appealing because not only did it have roots in the original campaign, but it also had been updated for the Team Fusion mod. I found the download link in the original ATAG thread, but be warned, only the OneDrive link worked for me. The installs are simple, one executable for each side in the conflict. They show up in COD in the original Campaign section. A clear indication that your install is successful is that the splash screens for each of the two campaigns indicate REDUX.

I highly recommend that one takes 30 minutes and read the well done readme PDF that comes with the respective campaign before jumping in with both feet. I launched the RAF REDUX version and compared to the stock campaign the difference is startling. In fact it left me feeling quite amateurish for even attempting to original RAF campaign. What was I thinking.

In the first mission, as warned in the PDF you spawn more or less in the beginning of an airfield attack and consequently, need to get your kite moving most expeditiously. In other words lots of right rudder and full spurs to your Merlin, The mission indicates that you are flying position 6 in section 2, but you are lined up and remain #5. I will not give away the rest of the mission, but if you have read the aforementioned The Few, and especially Kershaw’s discussion of the Dornier losses, you might find yourself feeling a bit conflicted as to the task at hand. That is until you consider the damage that they inflicted on your airfiled. Without a doubt those bomber crews will reap what they sow.

To be continued…

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