Codemasters F1 2020

I apparently solved the pit stop issue. What I have been doing for starts and pit stops, is using my clutch pedal as the - clutch. But in F1 2020, it expects you to hold the Gear Up button (paddle) as a clutch, and to release it when either the lights go out at the start, or when your team boss says, “Go, go, go!” during a pit stop. Works pretty well and closer to a wheel mounted clutch I suppose.

Also, thank you @Roo for the brake bias suggestion. I moved it back to 52, rather than the ballanced setup at 58. That and lowering the brake pressure to 70% made a world of difference.

I drove Silverstone this weekend to mirror the real life 70th anniversary of F1. I managed to finish P4 in the McLaren and was closing on Verstappen’s Red Bull on the last lap. But the marshals docked me 5 seconds for speeding (by a whisker) at the pit entrance, which was enough to concede P4 to Vettel. Had it been LeClerc, that would have been amazing, with Hamilton winning and Botas in P2. Which is pretty cool that my racing championship is so close to what’s unfolding IRL. Codemasters really got this right, except finishing Vettel higher than LeClerc. I feel sorry for Seb running so far down in the order. At least his virtual counterpart is challenging!

Glad to have picked up P5 points and on to Spain. I must admit I am not looking forward to this track with a couple of hidden turns when viewed from the cockpit, especially turn 9 which is throwing it in blind while more or less flat out. But I would rather finish last than drive from the T-cam view. Never!


Humble Bundle was ( maybe still is) giving away FREE STEAM KEYS for F1 2018 yesterday.Offer said it was good till keys run out, had to subscribe to the HB newsletter which is no big deal.

AI is not super hot in F1 2018 below a setting of 40 or so , but about 60 and up it does pretty good.

You guys , if any are interested, might want to check Humble Bundle site and see if any keys are left. :racing_car:

Cheers !


I have enjoyed my time with F1 2018 enough that I picked up a used Logitech Driving Force Racing Wheel with Pedals .

The guy bought it a few months back, didn’t like game after a few days and I just grabbed it from him for 10$ :money_mouth_face: .

Its nothing to write home about over all , but it appears to be a good solid entry wheel it seems at a absolutely phenomenal price .

Cheers !

If anyone wants I did also set up some F1 races: League code - CM#_G8KLBW

Rules and settings are tentative. Anyone can propose changes in the league.

Race times are “on demand”

Really just a test league for now to help figure out what works and what doesn’t


Thanks Mudcat. I’ll take a look after work today.


This video reminded me of the rental car scene in Days of Thunder. Pretty funny watching these dudes rip around the track in street cars.


That looks like a lot of fun. Mercedes is killing it right now, in F1 and GT. It’s their time I suppose.


I wonder how the Ferraris handle simulated Spa in your season :wink:

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on sale atm if anyone was interested