Colbert nerds out on No Man's Sky

Look like an interesting game…but there had better be some game behind the game. Procedurally generated stuff is kind of cool for the randomness factor…but sometimes random can get boring. Still…neat to see it on a mainstream show…and Colbert is hilarious…


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It does look very cool, but you’re right about needing stuff to do. Exploration is great but you’ve gotta have a reason driving you to go to these places besides just to see it. That’s why I haven’t played Elite Dangerous lately. It’s a beautiful game but I got tired of grinding trading routes and bounty hunting.


Thankfully it comes out PS4 first, so you have to wait for the PC release. Plenty of time to read reviews.

Procedural generation rarely leads to much fun. If they cram in some decent gameplay then it will be ok.

Here’s an example of a game changed to use realistic physics :wink:

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