Combat Helo-Is it Dead?

Went to go check on the guy’s website. No more website. I’m assuming this project is dead. Can anyone confirm?

No updates since 2014… Not good news I’d guess…

And almost a year since the Facebook page was updated…

I followed the project myself as well for some time. I fiddled around with the same engine Combat Helo was based on, the Leadwerks engine. From what I can remember they had issues when implementing proper forces ( torque, tail-rotor ) the helicopter went out of control most of the time, and fixing it would require a major rewrite of the code. Still a shame though, would have loved an AH-64

That is too bad. It really looked like it was coming along well. What a shame. :disappointed_relieved:

Blog and website removed. I would say it’s dead. The Apache is my most wanted…next to F/A-18C :smile: