Company of Heroes 3 finally

Been a long time coming, the 1st was awesome, 2nd OK… then trey tried some online crap that failed… hope this is good old school CoH… NOT gameplay , but announcement trailer:

Company of Heroes 3 - Announce Trailer - YouTube


Reading the write up at PCGamer now. Looks like they’ve added a Total War-style campaign on top of the RTS battles.

I have hundreds of hours in both CoH games and still play CoH2 to this day (although while I played the CoH campaign I never got into CoH2’s and just play the skirmish battles) so combined with the move to Italy and N Africa I’m really hopeful this will come out well.

Not till 2022 though.


I hate coh2 but love the first one with the blitzkrieg mod

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There will still be Panzer spam and roll you in the first 3 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t get into COH2. I haven’t tried the first one but the second just didn’t do it me. The graphics were amazing but the gameplay just left me a bit stale

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Yeah, it’s funny how some games appeal and others do not. I played a lot of Rise of Nations, CoH, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Total War.
But Gal Civ 3, the Civilization games, and Warhammer TW games leave me cold.

This is in my top 5 favourite games. Absolutely stupendous