Computer reformat / reinstalling...

I fear it is about time for a complete computer reset / reinstall. It looks like my last clean install was June 2015…and my computer is actually running just fine, but man, does it have junk scattered everywhere. I’d need to set aside a full day to do this though…

Or not… Just live in the e-filth that you have developed. Think of it as a nest. :slight_smile:

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Yeah - it’s tempting for sure. Because each time I do a clean install, I end of forgetting to back up some useful bit of information and only realize it too late. It is definitely something to approach with care… :smiley:


Only reason I haven’t erased my old main drive yet. Should get around to that though. I don’t think I’m missing anything at this point.

Well First of all you want 1 partition not 11. Then SWING into it on a WING and a prayer that it runs good. Don’t forget you want a minimum oF 1.11gb of space per drive to let it operate.

If you have massive amounts if INTERNAL drives you could BOMB a raid array of just stick to seperate BAYs

Then once you have it all done, you can finally set the following as your lovely new desktop post re-install.

I mean seriously, look at these

But good luck on the install !!!


Are you the guy that spliced the penises into The Fight Club movie?


One bit of advice from me, use Driver booster for locating any missing drivers or making sure you have the latest. It proved a real boon for me and if you do a custom instal you can avoid all the bloatware these free apps seem to come packed with


So this is a dumb question - but what happens to my Steam games that are installed on the non-OS drive when I do a clean Windows install? For instance, I have some Steam games on the C: drive (where Windows is) and some on E: and some on F:

Will nuking Steam on C: (where the base Steam app is installed) result in it not recognizing those other drive installs when I put Steam back on the C drive after a clean wipe?

No mate when you reinstall steam just point it to every steam library you have. My steam games are spread over several drives. Each app has its own appmanifest that sits in the library where that particular game is kept. Short answer. It will be fine


Oh…you underestimate my power to screw something up. I’ll find a way…just ask @fearlessfrog!

You can even add a drive, move the steam folder to it and point Steam to it and it will pick up the games there without downloading them again.

Time to add a 1TB SSD while reloading @BeachAV8R ?

Dang…I got enough drives I think. I just need less stuff to put on them…!

I’m really nervous though. Just spent the last couple hours backing up e-mail accounts, files, settings that I want…I’m dreading hitting the “commence” button…LOL…

settings are the worst.

T-Minus about five minutes…

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PS - P3D v4 made me do this. I didn’t see the sense of doing a whole new install with ORBX stuff and all when I need to do a reformat.

It’s happening!!!

I made it…!!!

Holy Cow…I forgot how awful Windows 10 looks…apps everywhere… Were did I put my Classic Shell Interface…

Really? I was worried about that, but my desktop is clear. The start menu blows chunks, but I never use it anyway

I love Classic Shell…

While this tech thread is alive here is a question. My PC just shutdown, it splashed up the shutting down screen then did its thing, however I never asked it to shut down and afaik if it was a windows update it would reboot after shutdown. Is there a log I can check to find out why? It just seems odd and somewhat suspicious :worried: