Configuring MSFS

I’m trying to get to grips with MSFS…
There’s a lot to like about it, but some things are a bit annoying.
Terrain pop, is one. When flying low, cliffs and close in terrain suddenly changes shape and texture. When flying low over water I see squares of water popping up as I fly along.
Is there a setting that controls this behaviour?


Good question, have you tried the terrain resolution setting? Perhaps it only increases the high-end LOD, but it might also increase the “render distance” for the LOD that you are seeing too close by now

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I will try changing it. I’m still using default settings, for the most part.

Increasing LOD settings should help. Do not expect much, though.

Terrain morphing is a thing in MSFS since day one and I have not noticed it getting better.


I still cant get my controls to function on it. Used to work last year.