Continous Carrier Ops in the Hornet?

How do I hook up to the catapult, once I have landed?
I want to do carrier training, and keep going after I land…

I think you have to press U.

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You have to press U when close to the cat shuttle and having the launch bar lowered. Controls for that are near the gear handle.

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Taxi close to the catapult shuttle. Lower your launch bar. Press U to hook up. Apply half flaps and 14 degrees of trim. Gun the throttle. Profit.

(or you know, don’t drop the hook when you land :smiley: )


That’s what the takeoff trim button will give me?

No, thats gonna give ya twelve. you can see the stab trim on the FCS page when not touching the stick.

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T/0 gives you 12

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can we refuel and rearm on the carrier? I haven’t worked up to carrier ops yet.


Thanks for your help, guys!
I’m able to land quite consistently now. At least 2 out of 3 :wink:

MAN this bird bleed speed!
I thought the Dash8 was bad… :smiley: