Controller configs for DCS v1.5.x good for v2.x?

Says itself. I’ve been working on a DCS v1.5.3 config for the Huey that I’d like to not have to recreate for v2. Am I good to go? TM Warthog if that matters. Thank you.

Assuming we’re just talking about the DCS config folders…

Go to:
C:\Users\whomeveryouare\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\

Copy the UH-1H folder to

C:\Users\whomeveryouare\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Config\Input

I wasn’t sure if anything got renamed, so I remapped. I think the MiG-21bis had some consolidation of keys, but apart from that I don’t think much else. Also, that may have been from 1.5 < 3 to 2.0 for me too, so I had more reason just to bite the bullet and remap.

Does the ‘Export’ help in moving between versions? I’ve not used it.

Thanks guys. I can confirm that it works fine. Will post back here if I fine any difference in the format but so far no issues.

I did have a couple of issues going from one to the other, but it was mostly duplication of buttons across multiple controllers. It was a simple matter of deleting the duplicates though.