Cool ATR72 Cockpit Video

Some English some German I do believe.


LOL…there is an oft repeated aviation joke…totally non-PC…and I don’t believe in it…but I still think it’s hilarious…

“Another empty kitchen…”

Anywho (thank God this isn’t Reddit - my mailbox would blow up…LOL…) Sion is an awesome airport. I profiled it for the magazine last year using the default FSX F-18 because the Swiss fly them in there…

Nice video - love the ATR too!



Gorgeous video, I love cockpit ops.

Interesting how “the business” is all done in English, even when not over the radio, but the chatter is in German.

Yeah I noticed that too. I guess its true that English is the international business language.

Its a mandatory requirement of ICAO that English is to be used as the standard medium of communication. That goes from flight crew to air traffic controllers. Though foreign countries can an do converse in their native language, all must have a demonstrated proficiency in English.