Cool F-15E squadron video...except for the music

The 391 FS might wanna get a hold of the Navy’s Wingnut to do their video editing in the future…


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I’m not sure why they have to speed up a bunch of those clips.

Navy does a better job of the videos :slight_smile:

That music choice… :expressionless:

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Every time I see the Strike Eagle, I go all nostalgic and remember the old Microprose days. I also dream of a modern Strike Eagle sim. Man, if I had the skills…


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I love that sim:

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Maybe an F-15E in the works? :slight_smile:

Granted. That’s pretty old news and there isn’t much in the way of an update … yet.


Yeah, that’s part of RAZBAM effort, they are doing the F-15E for DCS

Oh…uh…so Razbam = Metal2Mesh? Are they separate companies or just working together?

I believe that’s how it works, M2M builds models for them I think. Could be more than that, but they seem to work on a lot together.