Cool F-35 presentation...

It was probably posted in some areas…but I found the tanking part of this video to be very cool from a breakdown of what is going on…fast forward to 17:25 in the video:

Keep watching through to 22:00 or so and see a probe tip depart the airplane…

Interesting footage of the hover approach at 27:00 or so too…the one at 29:00 looks kinda terrifying…LOL as a matter of fact the pilot says:

“Control - you are going to have to give me a compelling reason to do that again…”

Gotta love flight test!

The Cliff Notes version of the report is here:


My only critique here is; We have the technology


Interesting video which came to my feed earlier today.

In this video, with the help of animation, we’ll look at how the F-35 [B]'s Short take off and vertical landing [STOVL] and Vertical take off and landing [VTOL] engine works. We’ll look at the F-35 [B]'s Three bearing swivel nozzle, Rolls Royce Lift System, weapons systems like EOTS and EODAS, landing gears and other systems in detail.


I must admit that during the years it grew on me. Not the B version specifically- as an airframe.

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Same, although I think that the Charlie looks best with its wider wingspan. Recently, I watched an interesting discussion speculating what might be the best future variant design, a combination of the A and C. Take the wings from the C and put them on an A, making a D if you will. One of the concerns now with the F-35 and F-22 is combat range and how external tanks greatly reduce their stealth advantage. The C’s wings would give the A greater range, without the weight penalty of the C’s undercarriage and tailhook.


Very smart point!

same here, its an absolute beast in the flesh. I’ve seen A and B and they are spectacular. Raptor is still the best in my eyes, that thing is insane. but after all the talk of Lightning being, fat, slow and overweight and all the other myriad of nonsense we have heard, I just don’t see it anymore. its a monster and well deserving of the “Panther” moniker that its been given.

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Same, I started liking it when I saw it first hand at the Tornado base in Ghedi.

It looked much smaller than I thought…


I would love to see it fly with Gripen. just to see what would happen…