Cooler Master PSUs

Hey Fellas,
Sometimes you have a product so good that it just fades into the background. The best of these never require you to so much as look at them. That 's the story with my 2 Cooler Master power supplies.
In 2007 while Apple was introducing the first smartphone I bought a Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250W PSU and a Cooler Master Cosmos Case in Brushed Aluminum. Although the PSU cost 329 USD I only paid 189 USD for the case. Now the COSMOS costs 400 buckaroos. Ironically, Power supplies cost about the same.
The next year (2008) I bought a Cooler Master Stacker 830 Evolution Black Aluminum Full Tower Case. It came with a Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W Power Supply. Got both for 400 USD. The cases are beautiful and i have gutted and rebuilt them several times but the Power supplies have stayed there mostly ignored for 12 plus years now.
Lately my contract is looking weak. I may need to leave Qatar after all these years… I have started to think about downsizing and upgrading. The Power Supplies come to mind. They are NOT modular. They are probably filled with an ounce of sand each. I have hung, everything off these. X52, X56, TMW, TM Screens, TIR, and more. They traveled to Sweden and back on ships. I use my PC every day unless I am away from home. I have not cleaned them in years but In all them years, I have never had a power supply issue. Both these are going strong.
Still, it is time to upgrade. I was looking at EVGA because I like the video cards they make. The PSU reviews were not very favorable. Then I remembered about my old power supplies that I have relied on for over a decade. In the end, I opted to buy another Cooler Master. This time I went with a 850W 80Plus Certified Full Modular PSU. 300 bucks.
What do you use for power? What is your experience with it?

Good day all.



I have still got my cosmos S. Such a premium build for its day. Great airflow and fits a 360 radiator for my loop. My favourite psus where enermax. I had 2 galaxy’s 1x1200 w and a 1000 w. Both died after loyal service. My current rig has an Evga fully modular 750w and I have 2 corsairs 650 and 850 w in 2 different machines. I dislike them for the fact they change cable config regularly so the 2 sets of psu cables are incompatible with the Psus. They also come unsleeved which is shocking when your paying so much for their hardware