Corrupt GNS 430 display?

Whats wrong with this picture?

What it is, recently bought Real Sim Gears GNS 530 and 430 displays … pretty good products, been slow in unpacking them and using them, have now got them both working fine button wise, but getting them to display properly has been a headache.

Using an RTX3090 here and new monitor prefers DP connection for 144Hz goodness, so that left me with 2 more DP and one HDMI connections to play with.

At start, GNS530 display would not show up in Win 10, checked their FAQ and got it working in Nvidia control panel, had to make a custom resolution, fine it then worked.

Their GNS430 display though, at my wits end now … tried everything, HDMI to HDMI, DP to HDMI, even USB to HDMI, display seems corrupted, lines through it all the time.

Tried several Nvidia drivers including their latest, its same messed up lines across screen no matter what I try.

Thought I’d run this by you good people first before I contact Real Sim Gear in USA about a possible faulty product just in case I’m missing something.

I really want this stuff to work.


Seems like interference to me…

Can you separate the two systems more than 30 cm?

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I’d definitely contact them. This does not look right, especially since the bigger display seems fine.

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I’ll try that, worth a shot, but tried the GNS 530 completely unplugged, the GNS 430 screen is still corrupt with horizontal line in it?


It is running at 59 or 60 Hz vertical refresh, right? Just an idea.

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Hi and thanks, tried that, 60hz, 59 and 50hz, different resolutions too, just the same, just been playing about trying stuff for over an hour, its still the same horizontal corrupt display, tried different drivers and using NV cleaner too, one thing I have not tried is on my other PC, will try that tomorrow and if still the same get in contact with Real Sim Gear on Monday, heard their support is pretty good.

I never got around to trying it on my other PC, but tried a different spare HDMI cable and USB to HDMI adapter from my spares and suddenly it works, however upon reboot the smaller GNS 430 gives same corrupt horizontal display again but unpugging and plugging in again to the displays HDMI port makes it display properly again … I can live with that, its on the desktop and within easy reach, now I can learn to use them properly at last … pleased :slight_smile:

It’s good you got it to work but for a premium product like that I’d contact support for a less ad hoc solution… :slight_smile:

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