Couple of desk clamps for sale now

All is looking good with my sale and agreed price to fellow Mudspiker Schurem, he paid instantly once we agreed and my MFG Crosswinds are well on the way to Holland now, he still has to receive and confirm of course, no problems, its all been done by the book … my reputation carrys on from my Ebay one and it goes against my grain to be dishonest.

Would like to put these up for sale or swap to fellow Mudspikers too.

Way to much gear here at the moment, stuff has to go.

Desk Clamps from Virpil and early MonsterTech, Virpil desk clamp i think is universal and will clamp their joystics and throttle, this Monstertech clamp has an extra spacer I bought from them for more solid desk grip … it does make a difference … for the MonsterTech desk mount, you would need to buy a suitable (or make your own) stick or throttle plate.

What you see is what you get.

Postage will be at cost, it gets expensive as I’ve found even posting to mainland Europe from UK, but will now strive to look for best possible postage deals apart from our Royal Mail highway robbers :slight_smile:

Any interest, any deals, please let me know.

Will these fit standard Warthog Stick/Throttle?

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For those, its the Monstertech mount, but would still needs its own mounting plate for throttle or stick … actually do have a Warthog stick base free now that I think on it for the Monstertech desk clamp.

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Feel free to PM me how much you want for the Monstertech (with or without the mounting plate) I’m UK based so postage will be easy enough :slight_smile: Cheers Jason

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PM ya very shortly Jason, in separate music room just now

Just to add to this, these are basically spare parts here, lots of spare Virpil and Monstertech parts as well, any particular HOTAS situation … Happy to help.

Deal arranged and paid, posting this week to Jason.

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Virpil Desk Mount is still free, would fit any Virpil stick or throttle base, or use it for an own modded set up perhaps, its quite a solid desk mount.

More stuff for sale soon :mudspike:

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Received my Monstertech clamp this week - in great condition and put to use immediately! Thanks B12


Enjoy :mudspike:

I might be a bit late, but do you still have the Virpil desk clamp? :slight_smile:

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Hi Pod and welcome to Mudspike, yes still have this, Monstertech mount is sold now, but Virpil desk clamp is free, its a bit heavy and large, postage will be at cost, let me know pls.

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Thank you! Been here a lot but never registered…
I am from the Netherlands, so I’m a bit afraid of the postage if you say it is heavy… do you have any idea how much it will cost to send it?
Before even talking about the price of the mount itself :slight_smile:

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Pod … I’ll get back to you soon, bit disabled now and local post office visits are not so frequent as I’d like, but will go and get it weighed and we can take it from there … if you can PM me your exact Netherlands address we can perhaps take it from there.


Somehow I cannot find how to PM you… Could you send me a PM, please?

Click on the username link of the person you want to send the Private Message
( I chose your username, Pod)

When you do another page will appear with a Message link.
Click on the Message link to send them a Private Message.



Thank you, Wheels!!

Both these clamps gone now, still to send to Pod, its packed up and ready to go, , just finding an opportune moment to get out and send it, bit disabled here, but will soon, its a freebie from me to him this one.

This one can be deleted I guess.


Pod. you still need this Virpil desk mount? Lockdown … I was in Sheilding group for a long time here for my own safety … risk of catching it from others because of my condition, but its back to safe levels here in Scotland again now and am allowed out and about a little more … this one was a freebie, no Money exchanged hands, the parcel has been packed up ready to go when I was told to Lock Down stay inside, about three months ago … the time is now right to post if you still need it.

If its available I would give a home to a desk clamp. Now Lincolnshirr rather than Aberdeenshire.

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