Cubcrafters accepting bitcoin

Not that I would ever be able to afford one, but occasionally I find that it does the soul good to go to, preferably with a bourbon on the rocks in hand, and configure my dream Cub. I usually start with an SS, since it is almost within the realm of a second mortgage, but occasionally enjoy a best case scenario should I win the lottery, and go all out with an XCub. Engaged in this relaxing pursuit recently, I was surprised to see that Cubcrafters accepts bitcoin. Hmmm, I wonder how that works, and at what point to they lock the value. And, is there sales tax, what is the insured value, etc. What a great use for cryptocurrency!


If the FAA weren’t a bunch of bitchy little girls, I’d totally make my life goal into buying a Carbon Cub and making a cross-country flight with it, just looking all over the scenery up close and personal.

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